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SAVO CONNEXTIONS brought together the leaders in sales enablement for two days of action-packed excitement. Relive the experience from the Sales Enablement Event of the Year below, and discover the next chapter in Sales Enablement from the pioneers who wrote the first one.

View mainstage presentations from thought leaders in Sales Enablement

Jason Liu

Chief Executive Officer

SAVO CEO Jason Liu shares his vision for the future of Sales Enablement and introduces SAVO’s revolutionary new product, Aero.

Kelly Dotson

Chief Marketing Officer

Building on themes from CEO Jason Liu’s keynote, SAVO CMO Kelly Dotson discusses how the consumerization of content platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn necessitates a shift in enterprise content technologies like SAVO.

Doug Marquis

EVP Product Development

SAVO executives discuss the inspiration for building Aero and demo the new platform.

Alison Levine

New York Times best-selling author, Alison Levine, shares inspirational lessons she learned during two Mount Everest climbs and a career on Wall Street.

Yarun Nahar

Head of Field Marketing,
GMC Software

Discover how GMC built an interactive, inspiring theme – GMC Dojo – around its SAVO implementation to drive adoption, shorten the seller learning curve and produce results.

Sheryl Kingstone

451 Research Analyst

Sheryl Kingstone, 451 Research Analyst, shares her philosophy about how technology will change the way we interact with and sell to customers.

Industry Panel

Industry experts (including Demandbase CMO Peter Isaacson, SAVO CSO Rick Baker, and Eric Spatzer, Senior Manager of Enablement Tools from Citrix) discuss the challenges and opportunities new technologies bring to the future of selling.


SAVO User Alliance Group Innovation Recognition

Our SUAGIR 2016 winner, PTC, accepts their award and shares how they used SAVO to achieve their sales enablement goals in the past year.

Download slides from our inspiring and informational breakout sessions


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