12 Days of Sales Enablement

5 Qualities of Evergreen Marketing Content

By Christina Aiello

Twas the end of 4th Quarter, and sales were stalled. Your sellers are tired, they feel overhauled.

“Our numbers are low,” reps cried out in vain. “They won’t answer our calls!” you hear them complain.

“We need the right resources to close this big deal. Why is finding the right content such a painful ordeal?”

If your New Year’s resolution is to make some more dough, align your sales and marketing teams, with help from SAVO.

Here at SAVO, we prefer to celebrate “The 12 Days of Sales Enablement.” Below, we’ve listed 12 tips that are far more useful than French hens, drummers, or a partridge in a pear tree.

On the First Day of Sales Enablement, My Platform Gave to Me…an 89% increase in seller effectiveness (Unum Case Study).

When sellers are overwhelmed with administrative tasks they don’t have enough time to focus on what’s really important: sales. Savvy sales managers are aware of these productivity obstacles and remove them by empowering reps with sales enablement tools so that their sellers can get back to closing.


On the Second Day of Sales Enablement, My Platform Gave to Me…a 30% decrease in expense to bookings ratio and 87% deals positively influenced (Iron Mountain Case Study).

Sales enablement changes the way sellers communicate with buyers. By presenting a consistent message, following a consistent sales process, and providing the right messaging at the right time in the buying cycle, you will see an increase in seller performance and deal acceleration.


On the Third Day of Sales Enablement, My Platform Gave to Me…a single-source-of-truth to access the latest and greatest sales resources.

A sales enablement platform gives reps a single-source-of-truth to access subject matter experts– from their laptop, mobile device, iPad, or existing CRM system. Instead of expecting reps to search through piles of random content, sales enablement serves up the most relevant collateral and allows reps to customize with just a few clicks.


On the Fourth Day of Sales Enablement, My Platform Gave to Me…100% of content usage across sales.

Content is the foundation of sales enablement. Being proactive about how you organize, distribute, and analyze content will set your team up for long-term sales enablement success. And what really matters is how you deliver all of it. Sales enablement technology provides impactful content to sellers in context with what’s going on with their deals, so adoption remains high.


On the Fifth Day of Sales Enablement, My Platform Gave to Me…a 67% better chance at closing deals (App Data Room and Marketo).

Sales and marketing alignment can make an organization 67% better at closing deals. According to IDC, B2B companies’ failure to align their sales and marketing departments costs them 10% of their revenue per year, while companies with robust alignment have increased growth rates by 20 percent! But with sales enablement, marketing can create the content that sales needs, and sales can find the content that marketing has created.


On the Sixth Day of Sales Enablement, My Platform Gave to Me…the ability to monitor content utilization and track engagement.

A sales enablement platform helps marketing keep a pulse on the content that sellers are using, as well as the content that sellers still need them to create. It identifies the resources your sellers use the most, tells you the stage of the sales cycle in which they’re used, and shows what materials are most effective for your top performers. This opens the door to more-informed selling and greater information-sharing throughout your organization.


On the Seventh Day of Sales Enablement, My Platform Gave to Me…targeted, client-ready sales documents that are customizable, up-to-date, and corporate-approved to ensure compliance.

A sales enablement platform makes it easy to assemble marketing-approved content into ready-to-go, client-facing presentations. It allows reps to create personalized sales documents such as presentations and proposals by combining content and data from various providers within the organization.


On the Eighth Day of Sales Enablement, My Platform Gave to Me…7% more time to sell, within the first 6 months of implementation (Citrix Case Study)

Sales enablement isn’t a one-and-done project; it’s a journey best traveled when you invest in upfront planning and make continual improvements post-launch. For those new to sales enablement, embarking on this journey will mean building a business case, gaining stockholder buy-in, and aligning internal resources. Those who have already begun, know that long-term success comes with program evaluation and re-evaluation every step along the way.

On the Ninth Day of Sales Enablement, My Platform Gave to Me… the right marketing tools to help sales engage prospects!

Finding the right marketing tools to help support the sales team and their efforts is a difficult task. It is time consuming to search for the right assets to understand a customer’s business and the lens they use to make decisions. Sales enablement tools allow sellers to find the right content at the right time effortlessly.


On the Tenth Day of Sales Enablement, My Platform Gave to Me…a 62% drop in time spent modifying materials (Rockwell Automation Case Study).

Sales reps spend hours upon hours each week creating content they need and searching for the content required for unique prospect situations. Presenting sellers with an avalanche of content will not help them move deals along the sales cycle or influence buyers; it will bury them and halt progression. Sellers can be more efficient if content is created and delivered to them at the right time in the buyer’s journey.


On the Eleventh Day of Sales Enablement, My Platform Gave to Me..relevant content in context of where sellers are in the sales process.

A sales enablement platform prescribes relevant content within the context of where sellers are in the sales process. The technology makes it easy to access resources on-the-go, which enables sellers to give customers the experience they deserve during every phase of the buying cycle.


On the Twelfth Day of Sales Enablement, My Platform Gave to Me…an 18% increase in seller performance (Iron Mountain Case Study).

Today, buyers have an endless amount of information at their fingertips, but this overwhelming amount of material doesn’t always make it easier for a buyer to make a purchasing decision. Sellers can add value to a customer’s buying cycle by addressing their unique situation and identifying the right solutions so they can make an informed decision that drives the results they desire.

Want to see what 12 days of Sales Enablement can look like at your organization? Check out this SAVO Sales Enablement Case Study.

Which holiday tip was your favorite? I would love to hear in the comments below!

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