3 B2B Marketing Trends Worth Revisiting to Ensure Long-Term Success

By Brittany Halldorson (@BHalldorson)

Every well run marketing organization today runs on data.  But with so many numbers to look at on a day-to-day basis (MQL pipeline, webinar attendees, eBook downloads…to name a few) it’s easy to forget about the larger data trends that should be driving your marketing strategy.

We revisited Google’s B2B Marketing research to resurface 3 trends that are more relevant than ever for modern B2B marketers.

1. Millennials are truly taking over. In fact, Millennials account for almost half of all B2B research.

Just as Millennials have matured into leadership roles in their career, so should your B2B marketing approach. 5 years ago, having a mobile and digital strategy was a “nice to have” that showed your company was ahead of the curve. Today, with more and more Millennials in decision making roles, having a digital, social, and mobile first strategy is table stakes for every marketing plan.

2. B2B research is no longer confined to desktop devices: 42% of researchers used a mobile device during the B2B purchasing process.

And mobile research patterns suggest that number is going to continue to skyrocket as prospects use mobile beyond initial research to purposeful investigation in later stages of a deal.  With that in mind, it’s important to think about mobile as more than just a mobile optimized website homepage. You need a multi-faceted mobile strategy that feeds your potential customers valuable information no matter where they are in the deal cycle.

3. Buyers don’t know what they want, yet: Prior to visiting your website, B2B researchers will do an average of 12 searches.

Understanding inbound demand for your product has always been an important piece of your B2B marketing strategy.  But now that prospects spend more time online researching before you even get to the first meeting, you have to understand what they are searching for and why.  It’s not enough to run SEM campaigns on branded terms; you need a thoughtful approach to content creation and SEO that will ensure buyers see the right information, at the right time in their buying journey.

Achieving Long-Term B2B Marketing Success

The three trends above are more than flash-in-the-pan shifts; they persistently developed over the past ten years. Largely due to the aging Millennial generation, these are now must-know data points in any strategic B2B marketing approach. And as Google’s researcher’s note, this means “stepping up the intensity in your search, mobile, and video efforts” as well as “delivering content-rich mobile and video experiences.” Not to mention, keeping on top of developing trends today so you are ready for whatever comes next.

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