3 Reasons CEOs Should Care About Sales Enablement

ceo business meetingSales enablement, which empowers sales teams and improves customer alignment, is quickly spreading across the industry. In fact, 55% of top-performing companies are investing in sales enablement technology and programs to drive sales productivity.

Those companies that successfully adopt sales enablement are seeing tangible growth in both revenue and sales productivity. However, business leaders need to do more than just delegate sales enablement to a sales manager and say, “get it done.”

Business leaders need to take a personal interest in how their sales enablement programs are being implemented, and this is especially true for CEOs.

Here’s why:

  1. CEOs are accountable to the board.

If there’s one person a company’s board holds accountable for growth, it’s the CEO. If your sellers aren’t performing, less business is being done and the higher the chance of missing your target numbers. Boards won’t respond well to these dismal numbers, so it’s in a CEO’s best interest to give the company sellers every advantage possible to increase revenue and accelerate growth.

Once sales enablement has been successfully adopted, you’ll be able to more consistently report positive figures to the board and build support for future projects.

  1. Sales Enablement helps achieve the strategic vision.

A CEO may set a company’s strategic direction, but it’s up to the company to achieve it. If the company is not up to the task, the strategic vision will fail spectacularly.

A properly implemented sales enablement program pushes organizations to meet strategic goals by increasing sales performance, promoting cross-departmental cooperation, and instilling a strong customer focus.

  1. Management-driven sales enablement shows strong leadership.

Even the most basic sales enablement programs require effort and coordination. The larger the organization is, the more complex a successfully implemented sales enablement program is. Support from the CEO and upper management is crucial to success.

Effective CEOs actively promote sales enablement internally and provide sales enablement teams with the resources and authority they need. They demonstrate strong leadership and become critical drivers of the program’s success.

Sales enablement is a growing discipline that is here to stay. To learn how the most innovative companies sell – and best practices for making your team world-class, check out CSO Insights Sales Enablement Key Trends Analysis.

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