3 Tips to Boost Your Social Following and Become a Social Influencer

By Dan Burtan

 3 Tips to Boost for Your Social Following and Become a Social Influencer

Whether your brand is a startup, small, or large enterprise organization, growth is always the goal. Outside of my corporate marketing day job, I run a couple niche social media accounts and I have managed to grow my social following significantly and improve engagement. Here are my growth tips for increasing your social following and engagement:

#1) Be Consistent

Social media is usually the first touchpoint for your brand or organization. You want to make sure that the brand messaging is clear and consistent across channels. Be consistent with your brand colors too. Your look and feel should be unique and match the tone of your messaging. As a result, your account feels authentic. When your followers are scrolling down their feeds, they will be able to notice you in a heartbeat and engage with your posts.

Growing a social media following is similar to becoming a professional athlete. You need to put in the time and effort everyday if you ever want the results you seek. To put it simply, you need to provide value, whether it is a laugh, smile, or helpful tip on your brand’s product or service. When you start being consistent, your following will start to rise.

Pro Tip: Try scheduling posts during lunchtime and after work as these are the most active hours on social media. Many are taking a break from their day to interact on social platforms.

#2) Engage with Your Network of Influencers and Fans

The key is to find influencers who do NOT have competing products with you but also target the same audience that you do. Reach out to brands with similar audiences and try to create a regular sharing strategy that works for everyone. Due to the decline of organic reach, share for share is a great way to increase followers without paying for sponsored posts. Don’t forget to interact with your most engaged followers as these are fans you don’t want to ignore. Treat your followers like prospects. Those that like or comment on your posts can one day turn into customers!

Pro Tip: Create or join a social influencer group on sites such as LinkedIn. Become friends with others in your space and create a sharing strategy. Do not forget to tag each other when promoting those in your social circle.

#3) Create Notifications and Be The First to Share

As a social influencer, your followers will come to expect fresh content. If you are just reposting other articles or images, you are providing no real value to your followers and you cannot grow. Your followers need to be able to count on you for their daily dose of inspiration, or guidance on a certain subject that they cannot find elsewhere.

However, posting only original content takes a lot of bandwidth and resources and is not suitable for every organization. You can minimize the need for original content and provide value to you followers by being one of the first to share updates in your space. Being one of the first to re-share new information to your fans has the same power of original content and this is how you become a social influencer to your following.  For example, if you are running a tech review blog, you should create notifications when companies like Apple or Microsoft post and share the relevant news to your audience.

Pro Tip:  Use tools such as IFTTT or Zapier to create real-time notifications based on social triggers and receive notifications when another account posts.

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