4 Things We Learned from the 2017 SUAGIR Awards

By Madison Lee

4 Things We Learned from the 2017 SUAGIR Awards

The 2017 SUAGIR (SAVO User Alliance Group Innovation Recognition) Awards have come and gone! The award season brought on a remarkable exhibition of today’s sales enablement technology. The SUAGIR Awards are an opportunity for SUAG (SAVO User Alliance Group) Members to showcase cutting-edge innovations using their SAVO technology.

In terms of the awards given, the winner of the 2017 SUAGIR Award was none other than Canon Europe. Canon Europe successfully implemented SAVO’s Sales Enablement software across 19 different countries with plans to keep expanding in the new year. The Canon SAVO implementation also provides sales teams with the right tools for proposal building along with simplicity to compete on a global scale.

Now as we head into a new year of competition, we wanted to share a few lessons learned from the 2017 SUAGIR Awards.


1. Understand your Audience.

Each year companies competing for the SUAGIR award will submit their work to a group of panelists. These panelists are some of the most renowned thought leaders in the sales enablement space. The 2017 panel included experts likeMatt Heinz (Heinz Marketing) Maryellen Smith (Iron Mountain), Derek Torres (Ryder System), Karen Heitke (CUNA Mutual Group) and Yarun Nahar (GMC Software). Each panelist bringing a unique set of skills to the table. The key is having a clear profile of each panelist and determining how to play to their demographic. Each judge could have their own persona and preferences. Try to understand who you are working with and what their strengths are in the sales enablement industry. This allows for more opportunities to impress the panelists with submissions and presentations.


2. Be Unique.

Every company that is competing for the SUAGIR award brings unparalleled talent to the competition. Make sure to showcase inspiration and passion for sales enablement technology. The judges are looking for creative prowess and unique ideas. Think about what sets your company apart from others. Don’t follow the herd but focus on a specific point and create something new and different with SAVO technology. This is what the panelists are looking for – companies that can challenge the existing status quo and go above and beyond.

Be original, Be visionary, Be unique.


3. Think Globally.

It is no surprise that the B2B market is expanding on a global scale.  With media and technology at the fingertips of every company it is inevitable that the marketplace will continue to grow. The SUAGIR panelists are looking for companies that make an impact across the world. This doesn’t mean your organization must do business internationally. It just means that you must adapt to the rapidly shrinking world. Learn to implement technology so that it reaches people across the globe.


4. Innovation is Everything.

The key to the SUAGIR awards is being able to come up with new ideas to keep sales enablement technology fresh and exciting. Uncover a new way to implement SAVO technology and you will be sure to get the attention of the panelists. Adapting to changes in the market is the best way to produce efficiency and resolve an untapped need. Innovation does not have to revolutionize the industry but rather show initiative and originality. Innovation is vital for the SUAGIR awards – companies who penetrate new markets and create reliable ideas are sure to be a match for this year’s competition.


Did you compete in the 2017 SUAGIR Awards? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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