4 Things Women in Tech Can Learn from Wonder Woman

By Christina Aiello

4 Things Women in Tech Can Learn from Wonder Woman

Women and men alike can learn a thing or two from Wonder Woman. She’s courageous, kind, and killing it in theatres. A significant component of the movie’s success can be attributed to the strong message of female empowerment that resonates throughout.

Here are four things that Wonder Woman can teach men and women about being a better sales professional!

1. Don’t let haters get you down

In today’s business world it’s easy to let negativity detract from your main focus every day. Women in sales have to push to perform better and should spend their time building relationships that are based on honesty and authenticity. Learn from Wonder Woman and persist in the face of challenge. And while it’s important to recognize any gender obstacles you may face, don’t let them stop you from working toward your goals.

2. Remain genuine in all that you do

Be proud of who you are and surround yourself with a team of individuals who encourage you to be yourself. Look for ways to continue educating yourself, and champion what makes you unique. Strong can be defined in many ways, and employers look for people who are willing to earn their place at an organization. Work hard and be optimistic, and it will reflect in everything you do.

3. Believe in your inner power

From day one, Wonder Woman knew she wanted to be a warrior and was determined to learn all that she could to fulfill her dreams. The same can be said for women in sales. Gender does not define leadership. It is determined by your ability to connect with others in such a way that trust becomes the foundation. You might be young, unequipped, or a female from a different business realm but if you’re devoted to making the number, nothing will hold you back.

4. Take pride in yourself

You don’t need superpowers to be a hero. Wonder Woman had a more influential tool at her disposal. She possessed the willingness to act despite the unbelievable obstacles in front of her. Women in sales need to take ownership of their actions and never give up despite the obstacles they face. The doubts of others should not phase you. You are the only person who can decide whether or not you will accomplish the impossible.

What was your favorite tip? Comment below and tell me which one you’re going to use or start using today!

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