4 Tips for Creating a Search-Free Sales Organization

By Amanda Wynne

4 Tips for Creating a Search-Free Sales Organization

In this blog I’ll explore how to become a proactive sales organization. This is where sales enablement is defining its space; if you think simply storing content in a location and giving people access is a way to enable your reps with content, we’re not on the same page. Here are 4 tips that are guaranteed to boost your sales productivity and make your organization a top seller.

Think Like Every Type of Sales Person

Every organization has various types of sales people with varying competencies.  For example, senior reps know what they’re good at and tend to focus on the things they do well (because no one likes to do the things they don’t do well and will avoid those situations when the stakes are high). The key is to understand the psyche of these different types of reps and design solutions that appeal to the entire sales force.

Prioritize Key Sales Enablement Situations

Trying to boil the ocean is a sure sign of impeding failure; it’s not only difficult to coordinate the process, content, and automation for every selling situation, but it’s also too overwhelming for the sales team to digest . Focus on the top 2-3 situations and really nail down the success at these spots in order to quantify the value of sales enablement.

Map and Replicate a Core, Fundamental Sales Process

You don’t have to have a commercial sales process from any of the leading sales process methodology companies or messaging companies that everyone lives as the gospel, but you will need a lowest-common-denominator understanding of the different steps and stages of your company’s sales process. Saying you ‘don’t have a sales process’ is just crazy – there are consistencies and repeatable steps in every company’s sales activities and efforts. Some of us can see patterns that others cannot so don’t be shy about committing more time on this analysis than you originally expected; it’s better to ‘measure twice and cut once’ to ensure the effectiveness of your program.

Replicate the Successes of Your Top Sellers

Everyone in sales leadership dreams about cloning their highest-performing sales rep, and while that’s the right concept it’s not the most effective (or ethical) practice. The best way to employ this strategy is to refer to the Tony Robbins approach; study the top 5 sales reps or subject matter experts and see what consistent, repeatable attributes they display and then figure out a way to deliver that to your sales reps. (Notice the reference back to #2? Don’t try to do everything, just the primary repeatable actions.)


While the overall themes– like ‘the right content at the right time’ or ‘a consistent sales process drives repeatable success’ – work for all companies, one size does not fit all and it’s up to you to figure out how to drive the right efforts to achieve the revenue results. There’s a never ending list of best practices for improving your organization’s sales performance, but by practicing these four ideas you’ll be well on your way to creating a more effective sales enablement program. Are there other strategies your company has used that have led to profound increase in the enablement of your sales reps?

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