4 Ways ABM Drives Seller Effectiveness: An SDR Perspective

By Minda Sulak

4 Ways ABM drives Seller Effectiveness: An SDR Perspective

As an SDR in a sales enablement world, I have come to realize just how important team alignment is. And if I look at delivering sales and marketing alignment though a sales enablement lens, I see it like this: Sales Enablement helps bridge the gap between sales and marketing so that sellers have relevant content at the right time in the buyer conversation, and allows marketing to understand what assets are being used and when.

But if potential buyers at a company don’t know about you, how can you have a conversation with them and if you don’t have a conversation with them, how can you win their business?  You need to develop a hyper-focused, personalized approach that identifies, attracts, engages, converts and closes an entire account (not just an individual).  This is ABM.  And it’s at this point (when an unengaged buyer transforms into an engaged buyer) that the sales and marketing alignment magic happens.

So, if you’re struggling with how to bring together your sales and marketing teams, here are 4 ways Account Based Marketing has helped me have more meaningful conversations:

1. Identify the correct target accounts.

It is It is incredibly important to define who your target accounts are. Looking at your current customers, understanding who to go after, and selecting the right content are crucial components of a successful sales enablement program. Because in our world, the more complex an organization’s sales cycle is, the better.

2. Find the key players.

After the account is identified, finding the correct prospect is If I am selling a sales and marketing solution, it probably wouldn’t make sense to target someone on the creative team. On the other hand, you have to make sure you have the most relevant content for the right prospect.

3. Approach your targets effectively.

It’s all about approaching your targets in the most effective way possible. Receiving a marketing campaign can pique a prospect’s curiosity which might drive them to check out the site, download a piece of content or attend a webinar. In sales, it’s a lot easier to approach a prospect after they have shown even the slightest interest in any of these assets. This allows me approach them knowing what action they took so that I can reference in an initial cold call. They may not realize they signed up for a webinar but at the very least you have something to discuss.

4. Analyze your ABM program.

We now have the ability to see which piece of content is getting the most action or hits. We recently had a webinar with Matt Heinz  which discussed how to build an effective sales enablement program. We found the prospects from this particular webinar were the most interested in the topic of sales enablement and had been receiving targeted content since the start of our ABM program.

I am sure there is a lot more to learn about ABM, but from where I sit, I have seen a significant shift in interest from prospects. We have been able to target prospects effectively and efficiently, leading to more discovery calls, ultimately aligning our sales and marketing teams to be at the top of our game.

Have you rolled out Account Based Marketing in your organization?  Would love to hear your stories and/or thoughts on how it is working for you!

Minda Sulak

Minda Sulak is a Sales Development Representative at SAVO. In this role Minda identifies and connects with executive level sales and marketing professionals to align their teams with sales enablement. Outside of work, Minda enjoys the arts, including painting, drawing and graphic design but most of all spending time with her two 100lb labs.

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