5 Struggles only a Digital Marketer Could Understand

By Christina Aiello

5 Struggles only a Digital Marketer Could Understand

Marketing is not a profession for the weak hearted. It’s tough, and after a day filled with complex convos about conversion rate optimization, reporting, ABM, and analytics, you might look back and realize there is a lot of ground to cover and only a few people out there that feel your pain.

Thankfully, we do.

To brighten your day, we’ve compiled 5 gifs that only marketers can relate to.

Drumroll, please…

1. When you’ve spent hours writing a piece of content, and your sales team doesn’t use it

Whether you’re writing a blog or researching data-driven insights for an eBook, it takes a lot of time and hard work. So, when you pour your heart and soul into a piece of content and your sales team doesn’t use it, it hurts. When this happens, ask yourself the following questions: Did it read smoothly? Was it interesting? Was the message relevant to the buyer? And most importantly, did your sales team know when to use it or that it was even there to begin with? It is important to have an efficient way to share content between sales and marketing so they can use your content to their advantage. Sellers don’t have time to look through the mounds of content you’re producing, so it’s your job to make sure it is easy for them to find the right information at the right time in the sales cycle.

2. When an influencer, thought leader, news outlet, or industry analyst shares a piece of your content

Thanks to social media, any of your blog posts have the potential to go viral and if an influencer, analyst, or thought leader retweets a piece of your content it’s an achievement that deserves to be acknowledged!

Influencer, analyst, or thought leadership outreach is an effective way to increase your brand reputation and the overall visibility of your content. To improve your chances of becoming a social media superstar, develop strong relationships with subject matter experts in your space by sharing their content as much as possible. Establishing a strong social media connection with trusted professionals in your industry will keep your organization top of mind and will increase the odds of them sharing your content in the future.

3. When you write a subject line that performs better than all of your other subject lines combined

You’d think after building the perfect email template, with the perfect header image, and the perfect copy, you’d be able to come up with the perfect subject line to increase open rates along the way. However, coming up with a clever subject line is harder than it looks. To create show-stopping subject lines, embrace your inner email addict and reflect on the headings that have grabbed your attention in the past. You can also get your creative juices flowing by looking back on previous emails that have performed well. Doing this will allow you to see which subject lines resonated with your audience in the past and will allow you to make more accurate decisions going forward.

4. When you send an email with the wrong link to your ENTIRE database


When you’re using marketing automation tools to create emails for your audience, your goal should be to make zero mistakes. It’s an admirable aspiration, but we’re all human, and sometimes, errors slip through the cracks. When you accidentally send out an email with a typo or a broken link, DO. NOT. PANIC. Although it may feel like the end of the world, it’s not. Just remember to own up to your mistakes, and to learn from them going forward. The next time you’re preparing to send out an email make sure you carefully spell check the subject line, the copy, and every single hyperlink. This will help you create healthy habits going forward and will ensure that your email marketing is at its finest.

5. When you’ve been staring at your computer screen for two hours, and you’ve only written two sentences.

Writer’s block: it’s a thing. And not everyone understands how hard it is to write a piece of content that’s worth reading. There are times when you’ll feel frustrated, brain dead and a little bit like crying. When this happens, go for a soul stroll. Eliminate distractions. Do something to get your blood flowing. Change your environment. Read a book. By making a few small changes, you could end up on the other side with a quality piece of content.

The life of a marketer cannot be accurately described with words, which is why we used gifs instead. Which one made you laugh the hardest? I would love to hear in the comments below!

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  1. Mary Mary on September 29, 2017 at 2:01 pm

    Any Friends reference is always a good reference – thanks for a good laugh!!

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