5 Reasons Why Mobile Sales Enablement Matters!

By Mary McGuire (@Badgerpolo)

Mobile Sales Enablement Matters!

When you think about enabling your sellers, and you picture them working – do you picture them on a laptop (desktop), or a mobile device?  Chances are you picture them sitting at their desk working, and not on an iPad or other tablet.  However, as we all know – the world has shifted to a place where we have the ability to be ever connected to work.  (Which can be argued as both a good and a bad thing!) Regardless, all those sales reps, even your Inside Sales reps, that have a desk and a desktop computer, are conducting work related activities from a mobile device.

But my sellers don’t have iPads, you say?  It doesn’t matter. Yes, there are industries, such as medical device and pharmaceutical sales, where sellers rely on tablet devices to properly do their jobs.  But the average sales person still tends to prefer a laptop or desktop whenever possible.  However, it’s critical that you don’t discount phones.

Many organizations do not supply company tablets to their sellers, yet we sometimes tend to forget how heavily consumers, and sellers, are using mobile phones for all aspects of their lives.  Check out a few of these stats:

Nearly 77% of Americans use a smart phone (up from 35% in 2011). (Source)

With numbers like that, it’s critical to think about the experience of how your sellers are consuming information on their phones.

Time on mobile is mostly app time: People are spending an average of 3h:23m per day in apps, and only 50 minutes on the mobile web. (Source)

To quote Nancy Nardin, “The more quickly such information can be reached, the more efficiently sales reps are able to make connections, follow up on leads, and access customers in general.” (Source)  Your sellers are responding to emails, sending content, and conducting business outside of work.  They are conducting business from their phones – isn’t it time you do everything in your power to ensure that they are not only sharing the right content, and accurate content, but that they are sharing the most relevant content from mobile devices?  Or, that they have instant access to key information that could help close a deal?

5 Reasons Why Mobile Sales Enablement Matters

To give you a better idea of how this plays out in practice, Sales Enablement mobile apps give sellers the ability to:

  1. Discover recommended content, leveraging both machine based predictive data as well as sales enablement driven prescriptive data.
  2. Share content with prospects and customers quickly through a secure microsite.
  3. Receive immediate insight on what content prospects and customers are engaging with.
  4. Prepare for meetings by adding coaching, training and messaging content as supplemental meeting information.
  5. Access all of the same content, playbooks and subject matter experts that can be found in the desktop web version.

These are just a few of the key benefits that a native mobile app can provide to your sellers.  The next time you see mobile stats, and how heavily sellers are leveraging mobile devices to conduct business – don’t discount the impact of their smartphones and push content to where your reps work.  Learn more.

Mary McGuire

Mary McGuire is the Director of Product Marketing at SAVO. In this role, Mary oversees the marketing activities for all SAVO product lines, which includes identifying trends in the marketplace, crafting product positioning, and driving the value proposition. A Wisconsinite at heart, Mary loves craft beer, cheese curds, and the Badgers!

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