7 Ways to Enhance Communication Levels Within Your Sales Teams

Guest Post Written By Gloria Kopp

7 Ways to Enhance Communication Levels Within Your Sales Teams

Communication is the key to success for any business or department. It’s responsible for every single development and innovation that the human race has accomplished since time began and, when it comes to your sales teams, it’s the defining factor as to whether you succeed or fail.

With pristine communication, you can align your sales team’s objectives, ensuring everybody is on the same page and working towards the same goal. Not sure where to begin? Here are seven communication enhancement tips you start with.

1. Provide Training

Perhaps the most obvious step you can take when it comes to improving your team’s communication skills is offering training courses that teach your sales reps better communication skills. This can be implemented both regarding how your reps talk to your customers and each other.

“Try to identify the problems where reps are talking negatively to each other to help bond your reps together to invoke a team ethic” – explains Margaret Pellot, a Sales Strategist at Ukwritings.

2. Improve Written Communication

The chances are that your sales teams use a ton of different forms of written communication, whether this is in the form of emails, text messages or instant chats.

By training your teams to communicate more effectively but sticking to one subject per conversation and improving their typing abilities, you can minimize the risk of miscommunication and help increase productivity levels.

3. Have Effective Meetings

The key to holding a successful meeting is to communicate effectively, so this is a great place to exercise the need for great levels of communication among your team. Make sure you’re choosing an appropriate location and implement rules on how people will speak and share their opinions. Emphasise listening and appoint a leader.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your general communication skills within your meetings, try using tools like Australian Help for tips on how to run an effective meeting, or create communication rules for your meetings to follow using writing communication guides like My Writing Way.

4. Dedicate a Channel per Process

It’s not uncommon for businesses to fall into the trap of using all communication methods for every subject or process that they go through. However, this maximizes the risk of miscommunication and misunderstanding that will eventually lead to problems further down the line.

Instead, try dedicating a channel for each process. For example, day-to-day operations could be restricted to instant messaging. Reports, file sending, and project communications can remain the property of your email channels, and urgent messages could be discussed over the phone.

The chances are that email is currently the most popular form of communicating within your sales team, both internally and externally. This means you’ll want to be proactive in making sure that your email communication is as good as it can be.

To assist in this process, you can use services like Revieweal to help you generate official and purposeful subject lines, and tools like Resumention to edit and perfect the actual content of your emails.

5. Evaluate Performance

Since you should already be holding performance meetings with your reps on a team and individual basis, add a communication review into this process so you can identify areas in which an individual can improve. Set targets and goals for them to aim for.

By setting these goals, you can then continue to return to them to see the improvements in an individual’s communication skills over time. When creating these reports, you can use tools like Cite It In or Write my paper to keep track of their process and keep references from past performance reviews.

6. Lead By Example

As a manager of a sales team, it’s up to you to set the bar when it comes to communication. If you’re writing emails that are full of mistakes, not communicating messages properly or in other ways slacking when it comes to messaging your teams properly, then you cannot expect them to do the same.

When you’re communicating with your sales team, make sure that you’re communicating in the way that you expect your reps to, and naturally, they’ll start to do the same.

7. Use Communication Tools

There is a wealth of communication tools available online that are suited for all kinds of communication that can match any given situation or channel.

If your teams are talking online, either through email, instant messaging, video calls, or even over the phone, look for ways you can improve these channels to make communication simple and effortless.

For example, accessing blogs like Via Writing will provide you with a tonne of blog resources which can help you to improve your general writing skills in the form of easy-to-follow guides. Additionally, online services like Academized, as recommended by the Huffington Post, can be used as a business writing tool to generate examples of how optimal communication should be.

As you can see, there are many ways in which you can improve the standard of communication among your sales team. By implementing several, or all, of these techniques, you’ll notice a dramatic decline in problems and issues that you face, helping your team to work together while striving and achieving success.


Gloria Kopp is a digital marketer and content writer at Bigassignments. She is a contributor at Template Monster, Semrush and Oxessays. Besides, Gloria is running Studydemic writing blog.

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