9 Common Sales Prospecting Email Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Guest Post Written By Gloria Kopp

9 Common Sales Prospecting Email Mistakes You Need to Avoid

The problem with email marketing is the fact that you’ll have one chance to make a good impression and if you get it wrong, you could have possibly blown your chance of a sale forever. The fact that you’re using email makes it even more difficult to get right because you need to make sure that you’re presenting yourself in the right way.

So, how can you go about writing these perfect emails that help you stand out in a client’s inbox and send the message you want to send, helping you to grow your revenue and sales totals.

There are many ways to approach this so today; we’re going to explore the approaches and mistakes that you’ll need to avoid at all costs.

1. Dismissing Your Subject Line

The first element of your email that a prospective customer is going to see is the subject line, so you’ll want to make sure that you write it perfectly, enticing your readers to click on your emails to find out more.

Invest time in making sure that your email’s subject line is attention-grabbing and enticing and make your readers want to click on your emails to learn more. You can also use subject generation tools like Academadvisor to help.

2. Dismissing Your Body Content

While you need to put a lot of focus on your subject line to get your readers actually to open your email, it’s important that this doesn’t result in your neglecting the body content of your email.

Make sure that every single element of your email is designed to have maximum effectiveness and engagement for your readers, so you don’t lose them halfway through while maximising your opportunities to create a sale. You can use grammar checking tools, like Grammarix and Boomessays, to make sure the grammar of your body content is perfect.

3. Talking About You and Your Business

A common mistake that a lot of email marketers make is talking a lot within their emails about their own business. A customer doesn’t really care whether your business is cost-effective, or market-leading, they want to know whether your products or services are going to benefit their needs.

Focus on your buyer in each and every email that you write. Provide them with the benefits that you can provide for them and how they can go about securing these benefits for themselves.

4. Not Implementing a Clear Call to Action

If you’ve done you’re writing job properly, by the end of your email, your customer will be hooked, and they’ll be ready to explore your products and services further, perhaps even making a purchase.

However, if you don’t make it clear how your customer can progress from the email to the next stage of the buying journey, they’re not going to make it. Make sure that your CTAs are clear and precise, so your customer knows exactly what they want to do next. If unclear on how to do this, you can use copywriting tools like Paper Fellows to help.

5. Writing Really Long Sentences

When it comes to writing your emails, one of the most important things you should focus on is giving your readers the best experience possible. This means making sure that the content of your sales emails is as easy to digest as possible.

With this in mind, you’ll need to avoid using long sentences that go on and make your message confusing. Also remember that some of your readers may be reading on their mobile devices, in which long sentences will seem really long, resulting in a bored reader.

You can check the word count of your sentences, and edit them shorter, using tools like Easy Word Count and Essayroo, as recommended by Best Australian Writers, respectively.

6. Not Checking the Fine Details

It’s vital that you go through your emails after you have written them to make sure all the fine print that you’ve included is 100% accurate in every single email that you plan to send. Firstly, you’ll want to check to make sure your recipient’s information is correct. This includes their name, their email address and their company name.

“Likewise, you’ll need to do the same for your business information. If your name, your email address, your contact number or any important information is incorrect, the buyer won’t be able to get hold of you, and you’ll have lost a sale” – explains Vickie Walsh, an Email Marketer at Assignment help.

7. Not Making Your Emails Easy to Read

Imagine if this article that you’re reading now wasn’t broken up into paragraphs and sections with subheadings but was rather one big block of text. Not writing your emails in an easily digestible format can put buyers off since the emails will look intimidated and a waste of time.

8. Not Checking Your Email Content

If you were reading through an email and you notice that it’s full of spelling mistakes, typos, bad grammar and misplaced punctuation, the chances are that you’d doubt the credibility and reputation of the business, resulting in your scrapping the email and not buying from them.

The same will happen to your emails which is why it’s so important that you read through them after writing them to make sure that they are free from errors and are sent at the highest quality. Alternatively, you can use proofreading and writing skills improvement tools like State of Writing and Ukwritings to help you with this task.

9. Missing Your Links

Within your emails, the chances are that you’ll be adding links to certain pages of your business, such as your CTA link, a link to a product or service page or a link to your website. Make sure that you’re checking these links to make sure they work before sending. A buyer simply won’t bother looking further if it doesn’t work the first time.


As you can see, there are many common mistakes that email marketing copywriters are making in their emails and they need to be avoided at all costs. Focus on the quality and the engagement that your business provides in your emails, and you can be sure that you’ll be able to maximize your sales.


Gloria Kopp is a digital marketer and content writer at Bigassignments. She is a contributor at Template Monster, Semrush and Oxessays. Besides, Gloria is running Studydemic writing blog.

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