How Agile Selling Improves the B2B Buying Process

How Agile Selling Improves the B2B Buying ProcessBy Jillian Eyl (@MsBiz_Chicago

Sales organizations, take note: B2B buyers hate your complicated buying process!

CEB polled buyers who made a recent B2B purchase, and a shocking 39% of them reported feeling overwhelmed during the buying process.

It’s great that so many buyers are willing to stick-it-out despite the fact that navigating your buying process sucks.

But can you imagine how many others are quitting along the way… how many opportunities you’re wasting… how much money you’re leaving on the table… simply because you make it too hard for prospects to make a purchase?

Your complex buying process is causing prospects to drop like flies!

And it’s time to do something about it.

How salespeople can improve the buying process

Instead of expecting your buyers to do all the heavy lifting, it’s time for salespeople to pick up some of the slack and help them navigate the purchasing process. After all, this is your paycheck we’re talking about!

This means salespeople need to:

  • Understand buyers’ priorities and how they think about their business
  • Provide guidance and expertise throughout the entire customer journey
  • Equip champions with the tools to sell products internally to their teams

Fortunately, salespeople don’t have to go at it alone!

Adopting an Agile Selling methodology can help.

What is Agile Selling?

Agile Selling means helping salespeople adapt to real-world selling situations throughout the buying process by equipping them with the right content, tools, and processes they need to work effectively.

Agile Selling makes it easier for salespeople to meet buyers’ ever-changing business needs because they’re able to react in real-time and improvise at a minute’s notice. Regardless of whatever roadblocks stand in their way.

Want to take a deeper dive into Agile Selling? Check out this Agile selling article we co-authored with Illinois Technology Association, or schedule time to speak with a SAVO rep!

Jillian Eyl

Jillian Eyl is the Senior Manager of Marketing Program Strategy and Design at SAVO. In this role, she develops brand positioning, manages the content and email marketing strategy, and owns demand gen programs from conception through execution. A globetrotter at heart, Jillian loves to travel, critique BBQ joints, and visit family and friends in her home state of Ohio.

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