B2B Marketing Insights to Influence Your 2018 Strategies

B2B Marketing Insights to Influence Your 2018 Strategies

Is your 2018 marketing strategy guided by your 2017 successes and failures? It certainly should be, and it should also be influenced by the successes and failures of the B2B marketing industry as a whole. Bubblegum Search has developed a new infographic that pulls together some of the most vital B2B marketing statistics of 2017, and it offers valuable data to help marketers understand where their priorities should lie in 2018. Here are a few of its most important tips related to targeting B2B buyers.

B2B Buyers are Getting Younger

The number of Millennial B2B buyers (aged 18 to 34) is increasing. Between 2012 and 2014 the number of B2B researchers in this age range increased by 70%, and this figure only looks set to increase. This means there is a shift in the way businesses find products and services. Younger buyers are more likely to begin research online and on social media platforms, which means you need to adjust your marketing strategies to tap into this demographic.

Efficient Content Creation and Distribution is Vital to Success

84% of B2B marketers claim that they were more successful once they made better quality content and their content creation became more efficient. 50% said better content distribution was crucial to their marketing success. You need to invest in content which offers genuine value to B2B buyers, and experiment with a range of distribution channels to discover where your targeted buyers are most receptive to it. By investing in these aspects of your marketing strategy, you could reach higher levels of success in 2018.

Mobile-Friendly Marketing is Vital

84% of Millennial B2B buyers deem mobile devices essential to their work, with 76% of Gen X and 60% of Baby Boomers in agreement. The world is moving to mobile, which means your B2B marketing strategy must be mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly website and mobile-compatible emails are two of the most vital steps in this process, so make them a priority in 2018 if your B2B organisation is still primarily geared towards desktop users.

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Guest Author: Matt Cayless is cofounder and lead SEO Consultant at Bubblegum Search, an SEO & Content Marketing agency. He has a passion for helping businesses optimise their content experiences online. By night he can be found training for his next marathon while remaining fearful of carbohydrates.

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