Close Bigger Deals with Welch Allyn’s Approach to Sales Enablement

By Brittany Halldorson (@BHalldorson)

Welch Allyn, a leading global manufacturer of medical diagnostic equipment, wanted to modernize their sales processes and ensure sellers could find the right sales materials in just a few taps, no matter where they were. But their team faced a challenge: how could they do this effectively while simultaneously increasing deal size?

The Welch Allyn Sales Enablement Solution

Welch Allyn recognized that a Sales Enablement platform was the key, and partnered with SAVO to bring this world class program to life. After implementation, sellers were able to access content no matter where they were, with “one place to go to get customer results and testimonials.”  As Pat Schiek, VP of Sales tells us, SAVO’s system helped sellers move through deal cycles faster and more efficiently. Utilizing SAVO also ensures that sellers “leverage what’s working across the country” and share that “in a consistent format” to increase sales effectiveness.

After Implementation: Sales Enablement Results

As one Welch Allyn leader summarized it, “success for a sales organization [is all] about numbers.” And not surprisingly, Welch Allyn’s numbers speak for themselves.

  • Bigger, Better Deals: After implementing SAVO, Welch Allyn closed 5 deals worth over $4.5M – a personal best for the company
  • Better Content Utilization: Marketing resources are more effectively managed, with 80% of marketing content being utilized today (compared to only 10% at most companies!)
  • A Mobile-First Sales Force: 90% of marketing content can be found with just two taps on the mobile platform, ensuring fast access for sellers on the go

Watch the full video to see how Welch Allyn successfully implemented a sales enablement solution and increased deal size below.

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