Content Administrators: Get Ready for the Sales Kickoff!

By Peter Mollins

Content Administrators: Get Ready for the Sales Kickoff!

You have a wealth of great content available. Marketing content, training resources, sales kits — even internal expertise. All of this material covers a range of business-critical topics that support selling. Topics like onboarding, product launch materials competitive information, and more. And now, with sales kickoff about to happen, you have a golden opportunity to make sure that content gets accessed and used by your sales team. Let’s talk about how you do it.

Show Your Experience

Throughout the year you’ve likely received a lot of requests for content from your sales colleagues. They might be looking for case studies or datasheets. Of course, the best place to go is your content portal or repository. But do your sellers know where to do to get the content they want?

The easy solution is to demonstrate the portal to them. Highlight how easy it is to find the content they need. In particular, show them how they can receive an experience that is tailored to their own unique profile and role. The more that they get a tailored interaction with the portal and don’t have to struggle to find what they need, the more likely they are to return.

And your sales kickoff is a perfect time for this. You have all of your sales team — and likely a lot of your content creation team — in a room. You can show them your portal and demonstrate its value. Plus, with sales leadership there as well, they can also reinforce the value and the need to use the portal. A two-for-one impact!

Gather Input on Needed Content

The reason 75% of content doesn’t get used by sellers isn’t just that they can’t or won’t find it. Of course not. It’s also because the marketing and training teams aren’t always producing the kinds of sales enablement assets that sellers truly need. Do they want a high-level infographic to sell in the late stage to a senior, technical decision maker? No.

So, ask your sellers what kinds of content they want. They likely will have a wealth of input into the types and levels of content they need to support the sales process. And since everyone is available in a single room, you can have breakout sessions to discuss the details of what kinds of content the content creators should produce more of. Build great content, and they will come.

Show Statistics

Nothing breeds success like success. So, again, with everyone in the same room, you can show the team stats on how content has a direct impact on the success of sellers. Linking revenue back to individual assets —without overweighting the value to the detriment of sales skill — can help show sellers the value in using the assets you make available.

Reinforce Over Time

Now that you have the sales team on your side and eager to use the content in your repository, the next step is to make sure that they use it on an ongoing basis. That means helping to reinforce the muscle memory of content use. The most effective way to do this is not through email barrages and reminders. No, the best way to do it is to come to sellers where they work.

That means appearing in the workflow of your sales team. One of the most common places that sellers work is the CRM. So, by pushing content recommendations to sellers in that environment, you constantly reinforce correct content usage. So, keep the momentum going even after the kickoff is completed. And keep sellers equipped with the sales enablement resources they need to succeed.

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Peter Mollins

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