6 Ways to Support Content with Sales Enablement

Helping Customers Overcome Information Barriers

In an ideal world, prospects get the information they need, in a format that works for them, and advance quickly to a won deal. Sometimes it goes this smoothly. But more often than we’d like, information barriers slow the path to closing.

The Wrong Kind of Hunting

So where does the process break down? And what does it take to get it right?

Marketing Strategy

We don’t know what the prospects need to become buyers.This is a Marketing Strategy problem.Marketing Strategy should tell you who your buyers are, what stages they go through on the way to making a decision and what barriers they encounter along the way, and identify the information they need and the format that works best for them to get through that journey to the decision to buy.

Content Strategy

We know what prospects need, but we haven’t created it, it’s out of date, or we can’t find it. This is a Content Strategy problem. Content Strategy is a term most often used when discussing web site content. Kristina Halvorson defines it as “plans for the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content.”

Sales Enablement Systems

We’ve got the right content, but we can’t get it into the hands of the sales team when they need it. This is a Sales Enablement Systems problem.Sales Enablement Systems move your content from where it is created to your salespeople. A Sales Enablement System could be as low-tech as a file cabinet or as sophisticated as a cloud-based solution that brings your materials to your salesperson’s mobile device.

6 Ways to Support Content with Sales Enablement

Unlike a filing cabinet, robust sales enablement technology can help you improve your marketing and content strategy and to execute them more effectively. Not only can you fit more content in a sales enablement platform, but you have tools to help you:

  • Manage your inventory.
  • Identify, organize, use, and reuse content in ways that are meaningful to key audiences.
  • Organize the content to make search more effective.
  • Keep information timely and accurate.
  • Deliver it promptly to the sales team when they need it.
  • Measure your effectiveness at meeting all of the above.

It takes all three – Marketing Strategy, Content Strategy and a Sales Enablement System to ensure your sales team is able to guide buyers through the sales cycle.

Kurt Andersen is EVP of Marketing and Sales Enablement at SAVO. You can find him on LinkedIn or reach him directly at kurt.andersen@savogroup.com.

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