Content Compliance: Q&A with Chris Tratar, VP of Strategy at SAVO

By Madison Lee

Content Compliance: Q&A with Chris Tratar, VP of Strategy at SAVO

Sales enablement roles and responsibilities are growing and changing exponentially. As a consequence, it is very important to develop frameworks that are customizable to all types of clients. We talk to Chris Tratar, VP of Strategy at SAVO, about how SAVO sales enablement software is being used today. A big part of this is content being in the right hands at the right time.  See what Chris Tratar has to say about the SAVO sales enablement platform in this Q&A:

How does SAVO’s software equip sales teams with the right information at the right time?

SAVO’s solutions are designed to help internal content owners who are responsible for enabling your client facing teams have the right conversations in front of customers. SAVO’s sales enablement products include solutions for content management, customization and engagement which address the problems our sales teams are facing.

What type of clients are using SAVO’s sales enablement platform?

All types of business sectors are currently using SAVO’s sales enablement platform. A large chuck of our clients fall within the financial services space – with 30% of clients in this sector. We work a lot with the commercial banking industry, as well as treasury management, investment services, wealth management and credit card transaction clearinghouses.

What features are unique to SAVO’s platform?

Content restriction is a huge part of SAVO’s success in the sales enablement software industry. It allows salespeople to focus on what they were hired to do which is SELL. It helps sales teams become more personalized and attentive to the customer and eliminates the distractions of competing content.

Why is content restriction so important to SAVO’s client base?

SAVO provides content restrictions so that employees who shouldn’t have access to that content can’t stumble upon it. Content managers are given tools that allow them to instantly update employee permissions and data access at anytime from anywhere in the world. These managers can then track different versions of documents –monitoring where they go and who handled them. Our goal is to craft a solution around the personas of all employees so that they only get as much access to content as they’re allowed. Some of our clients prefer to keep the locks open to their employees where as many of our financial service clients are very strict regarding their compliance and workflows. We offer a software solution that is scalable to the size and scope of each clients’ operations.

Is SAVO’s platform scalable to clients of all sizes? How does it help the financial service industry to maintain content compliance?

We offer a software solution that is scalable to the size and scope of each clients’ operations. SAVO offers very rigorous security and compliance controls for our software and infrastructure. That makes it scalable to any size operation and helps maintain compliance with content management, engagement, and customization options. Customizable security levels make accessing documents practically impossible for an employee without the correct permissions. From a compliance perspective, we think about the personas that interact with our software and we factor that into our solutions.

What makes SAVO’s sales enablement platform so desirable?

Integration into our software is extremely fast, with a 6- to 8- week onboarding process that takes new clients from contract to being fully online. This is what our clients are looking for. They want a smooth transition into a new platform and we can offer that. Clients also get the peace of mind that their content management solutions are secure, with minimal downtime. We have very rigorous standards around uptime for our solutions and we continue to run tests on a regular basis so that we can always improve.

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