Is Content Dragging Down Your Sales Productivity?

Content Dragging Down Your Sales ProductivityBy Jillian Eyl (@MsBiz_Chicago)

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Research by SiriusDecisions shows that in 47% of companies, sellers spend at least 20 hours per month searching for, editing, creating, or managing content.

The Impact of Content on Sales Productivity

20 hours a month isn’t too bad, right? I beg to differ!

If your company falls into this 47% bucket, your sellers are spending 4+ hours each week digging for the right resources. When you multiply this out by the hundreds – or thousands – of individuals in your sales force, the impact on selling time is staggering.

Let’s do some quick math:

100 reps x 20 hours/month x 12 months/year = 2,400 total hours

1000 reps x 20 hours/month x 12 months/year = 240,000 total hours

Poorly managed content is quite literally eating up thousands of hours that your sellers should be spending on engaging with customers and bringing in new business.

For companies striving to maximize seller productivity (and who isn’t?!) this is an issue.

What’s Causing the Sales Content Problem?

In many cases, sellers don’t waste time searching for or creating content because there’s a lack of resources; there’s often more content than they know what to do with!

The problem stems from the fact that 65% of all content goes to waste. SiriusDecisions took a deep dive into why so much content is wasted, and here’s what they found:

why does sales content go unused

The graph above shows that content often goes to waste because sellers don’t know where to find it (17%) – or may not even realize it exists in the first place (25%).

Fortunately, technology can help.

Solving the Sales Content Problem

A Sales Asset Management (SAM) solution can solve the sales content problem because it automates the management and distribution of sales content to sellers. SAM solutions ensure that reps know where to find the latest-and-greatest resources, and marketing has insight into what’s being used.

Many companies implement a SAM solution as a part of their Sales Enablement program. In fact, SiriusDecisions found that implementing a SAM solution is the second highest initiative in a Sales Enablement program!

top sales enablement initiatives

Although technology is not the be-all-end-all to maximize the productivity of your sales force, it can certainly help get you on the right track.

We’re diving deeper into this topic in a Webinar with SiriusDecisions: Optimizing Your Sales Content to Drive Greater Marketing Results. Watch On-Demand!

Jillian Eyl

Jillian Eyl is the Senior Manager of Marketing Program Strategy and Design at SAVO. In this role, she develops brand positioning, manages the content and email marketing strategy, and owns demand gen programs from conception through execution. A globetrotter at heart, Jillian loves to travel, critique BBQ joints, and visit family and friends in her home state of Ohio.

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