The Rise of Digital and its Impact on Customer Engagement

By Matt Downes (@SAVOite)

The Rise of Digital and its Impact on Customer Engagement

In my last blog “My Journey in Sales Effectiveness and Sales Enablement: What’s Broken but What’s the Opportunity?“, I touched on the rise of digital transformation and the impact it’s having on marketing and sales.

But what does that really mean?

The Big Buzz of Digital Transformation…

I joined SAVO at the beginning of April, and since then I have spoken to over 30+ Enterprise companies with professionals ranging between C-Level to middle management in Marketing, Sales, Sales Operations and Sales Enablement. From these conversations, one common theme emerged: every single one of them had digital transformation as a key pillar within their business strategy to deliver on business goals over the next 3-5 years.

That being said, digital transformation can mean different things to different companies.  But one thing is for sure, it isn’t just buzz.  It impacts a number of business processes and workflows and influences how they optimize efficiencies, customer experience, and productivity gains to deliver revenue growth and increased profitability.

The Role of Sales & Marketing in this Digital Transformation Strategy

For some time now, marketing organisations have invested in automation tools to drive digital interaction with customers.  In recent years, this trend has evolved and offers various options and channels to promote and interact with customers.  This digital shift has allowed informationto be easily accessed by customers and buyers and is forcing convergence between sales and marketing to ensure that all prospects or leads receive an elevated, more sophisticated customer experience complimented with a human connection.

In order to make this happen, sales has to ensure that they have the latest and most relevant content to engage with the client and that they understand the use of this content in the context of the customer’s journey. If the prospect is blown away by the digital marketing efforts, but there is no human connection, the prospect’s perception of the product, service and business could be negatively affected

So, with the rise of all things digital and the ease at which information can be gathered, sales and marketing organisations have a tangible opportunity to transform customer engagement.

Make the Sales Team Digital

Sales teams today often live inside a CRM tool like and are given mobile apps like Salesforce1 so they have access to data and information on the go.  CRM tools offer access to lead and opportunity data, but lack valuable insight on how the seller should approach the next interaction with the customer or prospect.

What sellers need is the ability to enter and update fields in the CRM tool based on the evolving engagement with the prospect.  Having instant access to relevant content, coaching tips, or subject matter experts within a CRM tool allows sellers to drive impactful sales conversations at every point of contact with the buyer.

In addition, they need to be able to deliver content pre or post meeting and when they are face to face with the prospect.  Lastly, they need to know what content the prospect has viewed in-order to influence the customer conversations to drive deal velocity.

Insights to content engagement like this is music to marketing’s ears. Content creation can have significant resource and cost implications, so gaining a better understanding of how that content is used both by the seller and the prospect means increased adoption and workflow, content utilisation, asset freshness, and many other key performance indicators.

What will this all mean to the business?

Making this ‘future state’ a reality will lead to a more digitally-aligned marketing and sales organisation and will enhance the customer or prospect’s experience.

Want to learn more on how to elevate customer engagement? Download our Sales Enablement Buyers Guide.  It’s packed full of great resources to help you align your sales and marketing organisations and enhance the buyer’s journey with you!

Matt Downes

Matt recently joined SAVO Group EMEA in April as Senior Client Director based out of London. Prior to joining SAVO, Matt was most recently Co-Founder & VP of Sales at Strategy To Revenue, revenue acceleration experts which works with some of the world’s largest companies including HP Enterprise, Vodafone, Thomson Reuters and DHL. Previously to Strategy To Revenue, Matt held a VP Sales role at A.S.K. Learning where he led the growth of sales performance solutions to large multinational companies. Downes started his career at Complete Learning, a Cisco Learning Partner where he managed large Tier 1 partners and alliances including Dimension Data, IBM, Energis, Orange, Cable & Wireless to both defend and grow revenues of new Cisco services and solutions.

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