How Account Based Marketing Impacts Sales

This is a guest post written by Jillian Eyl

How Account Based Marketing Impacts Sales

If you’ve heard the term once, you’ve heard it 487 times. ABM is blowing up social media feeds and taking the B2B marketplace by storm.

What is ABM (Account Based Marketing)?

At its core, ABM is a strategy to focus sales and marketing efforts around targeted accounts. Instead of casting a wide net to acquire and nurture leads from any account that stumbles upon your website, ABM is about identifying and building relationships with the RIGHT accounts.

Companies often leverage ABM technology to help them identify target accounts, attract key visitors to their website, and convert them into leads (and ultimately customers).

How ABM Impacts Sales Teams

With ABM, companies are pouring tons of resources to identify key prospects and deliver the right content at the right time in targeted advertisements and website pages. And there’s no doubt that salespeople are aligned with account progress. These are all great things!

But are salespeople delivering the right message… sharing the most personalized presentation… providing the most targeted expertise when salespeople need it?

This is where ABM falls short: so you’ve identified all these great prospects at these great accounts… now what? How are your sales reps engaging with them?

Prospects expect the same personalized experience they get on your website to be happening during every engagement with a salesperson. If you want sellers to say the right things, show the right materials, and provide the right expertise throughout the buyer journey, you need to be sure they have the resources to back it up.

This is where sales enablement comes in.

How Sales Enablement Fills the ABM Gaps

Sales Enablement is the Account Based Selling strategy that elevates the performance of your salespeople – and makes your ABM program worthwhile.

A sales enablement platform like SAVO harnesses expertise and insight from across your organization – and makes them easily accessible to sellers at the right time in the sales cycle. With SAVO, sellers have the content, coaching, and process to become experts in every selling situation. Now, your salespeople are equipped to make the most of every point of contact – and your marketers can rest assured that their hard-earned leads are put to good use.

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