How Real Women Get Ahead

By Christina Aiello 

How Real Women Get Ahead

It is no surprise that the common perception of the modern seller favors stereotypical male qualities, like forcefulness, ferociousness, and competitiveness. But forget what you’ve heard about being “one of the boys,” because sales is not the adult version of the He-Man Woman Hater’s Club, and it never will be. This is how real women get ahead:

Prove Yourself with Performance: Successful women are risk-takers. They live on the edge instead of waiting for everything to align correctly, and they don’t hesitate to take action. Don’t let uncertainty hold you back from achieving your goals. Find your most confident, canny, and ambitious self – and own it.

Shatter the Stereotypes: We can’t control the overall perception of women in tech, but we can control the actionable steps we take towards breaking down the glass ceiling. Both women and men have to face gender stereotyping at work.  Instead of ignoring these labels, we have to face them head-on and discuss how to minimize them going forward.

Stay True to Yourself: Be comfortable with your choices. If working hard and striving for the highest level of success is what’s right for you, then do it. Don’t waste time justifying yourself to others or nurturing relationships with people who question or criticize your decisions. Surround yourself with a team of individuals who support you and walk confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Aim High and Believe: Most entrepreneurs have doubts about their skills, but you have to learn how to let go of your insecurities. No one cares how impressive your resume is or how qualified you are unless you have the confidence to back it up. If you want others to believe in you, you have to believe in yourself first.


What was your favorite tip? Comment below and tell me which one you’re going to use or start using today!

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  1. Nika Abdol on July 12, 2017 at 11:00 am

    Great article, Christina! My favorite tip was staying true to yourself where you stated “Surround yourself with a team of individuals who support you and walk confidently in the direction of your dreams”. They say if you put a rose in a field full of weeds, the rose will go bad. But if you put that rose in a garden with other roses, it will blossom endlessly. Surrounding yourself with the right people can immensely impact your overall success.

    Great read!

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