How Sales Engagement Technology Amplifies the Customer Journey

By Tim Wagner

From a technology perspective, we live at warp speed, no question about it.

With a swipe here, a click there, a search (engine) anywhere … information about anything in the world returns to our fingertips in mere seconds. And that certainly rings true in the B2B marketplace, where organizations seek tools and technologies to drive revenue under the most optimal circumstances possible. Alas, access to information never takes time off – it’s available 24/7/365.

But with mounds of material at the ready – much of it categorized as excessive clutter – buyers spend considerable time sifting, sorting and situating to find their preferred resources. Annoyances included, it’s all part of the information-gathering process. The buyer’s journey is indeed complex, you bet. Therefore, sellers need the right tools to customize, personalize and meet the buyer’s needs.

When you consider that 57% of the buyer’s journey is complete before he/she ever engages with a seller, it’s critical that the seller be properly armed with the right info to keep their prospects captivated during the remaining 43%. The process is longer than it used to be with an average of 5.4 decision-makers involved throughout the deal cycle, so sellers need to suggest content based on the buyer’s desires.

And understanding how the buyer wants to be educated is a big deal, because that translates into what content they want to see at what times during their decision-making journey.

In its latest Spotlight – B2B sales engagement tech: analytics, intelligent automation and sales enablement – 451 Research indicates that “a B2B buyer’s journey can be complex, demanding personalization strategies similar to a B2C counterpart, to help the sales-engagement process. Buyers conduct their research among a multitude of touchpoints before making their decision.”

Therefore, it’s paramount to provide buyers with pertinent, new information they couldn’t uncover in their research to chaperon them through the process and ultimately lead to a closed deal. And, to do that, sellers need the right tools to customize, personalize and meet their needs to keep buyers engaged and informed throughout.

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Tim Wagner, Marketing Content Developer at SAVO, produces a variety of materials for customers and prospects,including blogs, case studies, email campaigns and thought leadership pieces.  A self-taught cook (with much help from his library of books and satellite TV), Tim particularly enjoys creating meals outdoors for family and friends on his charcoal grill or smoker – year-round in suburban Chicago.

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