How to become a Marketing Superhero

By Christina Aiello 
How to become a Marketing Superhero

Think about the day you began your marketing career. Whenever or wherever that journey began, all marketers have one thing in common: their journey doesn’t end. Change and disruption are a natural part of the B2B space, and marketers experience many painful repercussions as a result.

For example:

  • Over 80% of marketers today learn on the job with no training.
  • 83% of marketers cannot tie business value to content.
  • 1/3 of marketers say they don’t know which marketing challenge positively impacts revenue the most.

With these issues in mind, I began to wonder what it takes to be a B2B marketing leader?

Drumroll, please…

Create a Culture of Organization

Diversity and originality are essential pieces of the marketing puzzle, so is trial and error. 82% of marketers have a budget set aside for funding innovation, so marketing leaders need to be able to analyze things from different angles to be successful. One roadblock marketers face is the never-ending review process, which can slow innovation down. Involve your audience in the review process, and get the data you need to advance a project early on to determine what is working and what’s not.

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Leadership and confidence go hand in hand, but some research shows marketers aren’t always sure about the effectiveness of their activities. To fight this lack of confidence, marketing leaders need to use technology and data to document their content strategies, marketing processes, and current customer profiles.

Knowing what activities drive leads and move prospects through the sales funnel gives marketers the confidence they need to plan for the next round of projects, and justify the budget to pay for them.

Be Cross-Functional

Marketing teams need to work with different departments to be successful, and no relationship is more important than the bond between marketing and sales. Working closely with sales gives marketers concrete data to tie revenue to. Evolving the marketing role through a better relationship with the sales team can lead to many benefits in a marketing leader’s career, and the best way to do this is to prioritize the process of sales enablement.

Sales enablement means empowering sales reps to find and access the right marketing content, successfully onboarding reps to learn about products and services quickly and efficiently, and lending support to sales reps to gain the deep level of knowledge needed to make a sale efficiently. Marketers can get more content used to make deals happen by enabling sales reps to find and use the best material.

For a full breakdown of what it takes to be in B2B marketing leadership today, we created a new infographic that illustrates different stages of the journey. Download it today if you are ready to begin your adventure!

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