How to Make the Case for Sales Enablement

By David Kriss

How to Make the Case for Sales Enablement

In my previous blog, we examined “Why Sellers Care About Sales Enablement”.  The bottom line is that a good program will create an experience where sellers are able to make the most of every interaction with a prospect or customer resulting in new or continued business.   Net-net, they are able to make their number!

Connecting the dots to sellers making their number is not always obvious, but you have a feeling that a sales enablement program might help.  However, you have no clue how to achieve executive support and gain organizational buy-in on your vision.

So let me make it easy for you.  Here are three considerations when selling your idea within your organization.

Consider the Perceived Problem vs. Invest-able Problem

I was recently working with a client on the topic.  Their sponsoring initiative was to migrate sellers from product to solution sellers (sounds like a great starting point, right?!)  However, after digging a bit deeper, this “perceived problem” was only held by a select few within the marketing and sales ranks, so the change was challenged by the company’s status quo.  In their case, the feeling was “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

The executive team was in intellectual agreement of the “perceived problem”, but not willing to immediately invest in process, content or technology to facilitate a change.  More to the point, they didn’t want to challenge the status quo.  If the problem is not investable now, it’s only an annoyance. Typically, annoyances will be tolerated.   When seeking executive buy-in, find an investable problem and don’t wait until something breaks.

Navigate the Current

Another key element to selling a sales enablement initiative internally is the ability to “navigate the current” of how your business operates. Including the stakeholder team within it.   Think about going down a raging river with five people in a boat, each with an oar. If everyone is trying to paddle in a different direction, you’ll most likely go nowhere and land in a bad spot.  Going back up stream, against the current, is nearly impossible.

Think of the stakeholders in your sales enablement program the same way.   Ensuring you are in the same boat when it comes to the investable problem and that there is minimal energy required by everyone to navigate the “organizational waters” to get to your destination and achieve the goal.  Organizational buy-in is much easier with this in mind.

Be Agile

Being Agile is very popular these days when it comes to software development. The ability to quickly develop and deliver provides the ability to demonstrate quick success or course correct with little impact.  The same principles can be applied to fixing your investable problem.   Focusing on quick wins that drive the best seller engagement with buyers will keep the focus on the right outcome.

For more intel on Agile Selling, check out this eBook we developed with ITA (Illinois Technology Associated).  It outlines today’s B2B selling landscape and how agile principles can help.

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