January 2018 – Month in Review

By Madison Lee

January Month in ReviewIn case you missed it, we compiled some of the best sales enablement articles from January. Check out these articles to learn more about recent trends and hot topics in the sales enablement space.


How to Prep Your Sales Teams with Competitive Intelligence – Neda Bazofti

Competitive intelligence is a critical piece of most sales cycles and often a top concern for sales teams. Sales teams that do not have the right intelligence (intel) face the potential to feel discredited, or ill-prepared in front of prospects during the sales cycle. Check out this article for 5 helpful tips to successfully prep your sales teams for the competitive intelligence they need.


Why The Customer’s Path Should Be At The Core Of Your Enablement Approach – Tamara Schenk

Today’s B2B decision makers have access to more information than ever. Customer’s buying decisions are the most important decision for any sales force as they lead to the revenue numbers most sales organizations are measured by. Sales professionals do whatever they can to influence this decision, and sales enablement can help by equipping the sales force to be relevant, valuable and differentiating in every customer interaction. In this article, Tamara Schenk highlights the importance of the customer experience and why it should be the focus of your sales enablement framework.


Worthy Goals and Metrics for the Modern Sales Leader -Sean Callahan

Sales leaders may be focusing too much on the leaderboard and not enough on the insights of their sales team. This could be the reason your sales teams haven’t been hitting quotas. As a sales leader it is important to broaden company goals and metrics to better track progress beyond simple revenue targets. Learn how to make your sales team more profitable with this article by Sean Callahan.


Sales Enablement Resolutions for Successful Reps- Shelley Cernel

As we begin the new year it is already time to start thinking about and preparing for new business goals and new sales targets. This means reflecting on the past year, refocusing and making changes where necessary. Consider these 7 new year’s resolutions so that you can set yourself up for sales success in 2018.


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