Are Leads Hemorrhaging out of your Sales Funnel?

Are Leads Hemorrhaging out of your Sales Funnel?By Jillian Eyl (@MsBiz_Chicago)

How much do you spend to acquire a new MQL and turn it into a real business opportunity? I’m willing to bet you’re spending a pretty penny to attract, qualify, and convert these precious leads!

But what happens when they progress down the funnel and sellers get involved? Are they moving through seamlessly, or are they falling out after a few weeks… months… or even years?

If you’re seeing a high drop-out rate in further stages of the funnel, this post is for you.

The Cause of Sales Funnel Attrition

Let’s think about the part of the sales process where your sellers become actively engaged with your buyers. At this point, your company has survived the initial stages of buyer self-education and evaluation, and buyers are wanting to be educated above and beyond what they’ve already learned online. And they’re expecting high-value, targeted conversations.

Unfortunately, many sellers are failing to provide this super high level of expertise buyers have come to expect.

Sure, sometimes this misfire occurs due to seller negligence. However more often it occurs because selling environments are changing (i.e.: shifting market dynamics, new competitors, evolving product lines and sales processes, etc.) and sellers frankly can’t keep up.

And when sellers fail to provide the experience buyers want, buyers opt out of the process and look elsewhere for a solution. Considering the high cost of acquiring these qualified opportunities, this loss can be crippling.

How to Prevent Leads from Escaping Your Sales Funnel

To prevent leads from falling out of the funnel, you need to improve how well your sellers are engaging with these leads. It’s as simple as that.

This point is reinforced by Gartner research, which shows that direct contact – whether on the phone or in person – is the highest ranking factor in a purchasing decision.

Since seller engagements are so critical to get opportunities across the finish line, we as sales and marketing leaders can’t sit back and hope that sellers are doing the right things during the deal. It’s our job to equip them with all the resources they need to be successful throughout the ENTIRE buying journey.

If you want to learn more about empowering salespeople with resources that are optimized for every unique selling scenario, I recommend checking out this eBook: The Definitive Guide to Account Based Selling.

Jillian Eyl

Jillian Eyl is the Senior Manager of Marketing Program Strategy and Design at SAVO. In this role, she develops brand positioning, manages the content and email marketing strategy, and owns demand gen programs from conception through execution. A globetrotter at heart, Jillian loves to travel, critique BBQ joints, and visit family and friends in her home state of Ohio.

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