Marketing Metrics That Are Mic-Drop Worthy

By Christina Aiello 
Marketing Metrics That Are Mic-Drop Worthy

You received some solid metrics from your last marketing campaign, but are they accurate indicators of campaign success or are they wiggity-wiggity-wack?

If misinterpreted, some metrics could give a false sense of positive marketing return, which is why it’s important to know what to test and how to test it.  In this blog, I’ll discuss some ambiguous marketing metrics to keep an eye on, along with five mic-drop worthy tips for email marketing success.

Drumroll, please…

Be Impulsive in a Good Way.

People get tired of seeing the same things reiterated over and over again. Which is why it’s important to learn from your successes, analyze what’s working (or what’s not working), and apply these findings to your future projects, so you’re always rotating creative ideas and fresh content to your audience. Use a new email template to stir things up or make a splash with a different writing style. Be impulsive and unpredictable in a good way. It’s more exhilarating for your subscribers.

Keep Your Content Fresh and Your Subject Lines Fresher.

It’s evident that subject lines affect your open rates but are you measuring how they impact essential metrics like click-through rates, click to open ratios, and unsubscribe rates? Think of your subject line as the phone screening before the in-person interview. Be concise. Be bold. Be unique. A good subject line might pique someone’s curiosity. A great one captures their attention.

Look at All Angles to Measure Email Performance.

Your click-through rate lets you know how your email performed but not how your content and design performed within it. To measure content and email performance, you should look at the click-to-open ratio. This number tells you how the email performed after it was opened. Remember – a subject line that increases your open rates but fails to improve your click-to-open ratio isn’t necessarily a winner.

Don’t Confuse Your Metrics.

Just because a package gets delivered, doesn’t mean it was delivered properly. It could have been damaged en route or delivered to the wrong address by accident. Emails can suffer the same fate. Your deliverability rate is a vital part of any and every email you send because it has a direct impact on the success of your future campaigns. Monitor this number on a day-to-day basis by analyzing the amount of soft and hard bounces each email generates, the % of emails that get received by your prospects, and the cleanliness of your database.

End on a High Note.

Don’t misinterpret your marketing metrics, keep your messaging fresh and your subject lines fresher, and look at every angle to measure campaign success. If you continuously test and update your strategy, your marketing campaigns will be ending on a high note in no time. For more email marketing tips, I recommend checking out this blog on effective lead nurturing.

Do you have any email marketing recommendations that are mic-drop worthy? If so, comment below so we can all learn from your success.

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