Our Favorite Sales Enablement Blogs of 2017

2017 has been a significant year for SAVO and the Sales Enablement industry. We are honored to join the ranks of top 50 Sales and Marketing blogs in 2017. Before we welcome 2018 with open arms, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite blogs from this past year. We have chosen these blogs to help you better understand sales enablement and best practices, regardless where you stand with your current sales enablement initiatives.

Top Sales Enablement Blog

5) Understanding Path to Purchase for Today’s B2B Buyer

Before anybody can discuss what Sales Enablement truly is it is critical to understand the buyer’s journey and what it means for the seller. It is up to the organization to gain control of the buyer’s journey, simplify it, and drive revenue through it. In the age of the consumer, customer-centricity is increasingly important, a situation in which companies must adopt a customer’s-first attitude and adapt to ever-evolving customer behavior. Read this blog to learn more about the evolution of the buyer’s journey.

4) What Is Sales Enablement?

Originally, Sales Enablement started out as a content management problem and quickly evolved to a more complex issue. There are many definitions on what Sales Enablement is out there. As the pioneer of market, SAVO believes Sales Enablement is a strategic approach to unite stakeholders in sales, marketing, and operations around the common goal of providing salespeople with the right resources, processes, and technology needed to sell effectively. Sounds like a handful? Read this blog to learn more about sales enablement.

3) 5 Things Your Sales Enablement Strategy Needs to Succeed

Sales enablement technology is revolutionizing the B2B space by equipping sales and marketing teams with a plethora of predictive tools to help them target the right people, at the right time, with the right message to close more deals. However, some organizations are not seeing the results they expected, such as not having clear strategy or not using the right technology. Read this blog to learn what may be lacking from your organization’s sales enablement initiatives.

2) Data Science: What it is and how it Impacts Sales Enablement Technology

Technology is fully embedded in today’s sales organizations and it goes beyond just a database of customer or prospect information. Sales technology today uses big data and tracks behaviors that ultimately help salespeople close more deals. Sales technology relies on artificial intelligence data and statistics to solve problems that sales and marketing teams face today. Read this blog to learn more about data science and understand the impact it has on software development, especially sales enablement technology.

1) Top Challenges Salespeople Face Today

Today’s selling space moves at the speed of light, and as the B2B industry continues to accelerate…only the survival-of-the-fittest salespeople will thrive. It is crucial that sellers learn how to adapt to new buyer behaviors so that they can navigate through the sales process and close more deals. Eager to learn more about the main obstacles salespeople are facing today? Read this blog to understand the top challenges salespeople face today.

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