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More Than a Theory: 3 Steps to Create a Sales Enablement Process

I spend a lot of time evaluating our selling system at SAVO. We have the marketing automation, the CRM and of course our own suite of applications to satisfy our sales enablement needs.

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Onboarding: 3 Benefits to Training with Technology

Depending on the size and maturity of your new company, expectations for new hires can get lost in the transition. The human brain is very selective about the information it retains, and new employees have more on their plate than value propositions – the best route to work, for instance.

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Stop Wasting Time: 8 Rules for Productive Meetings

Often, I’ll find myself deep in a project, making a lot of progress and experiencing “The Flow,” only to be interrupted by the dinging alarm of an upcoming meeting. Not only do I have to step away from what I’m paid to do, but the invite is blank and I have no idea why I’m being summoned to, “Spring Launch,” or “Project Overview.”

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Monetizing the Data Dump: 3 States of Business Intelligence

In my experience, companies tend to have one of three different approaches to business intelligence: Non-Existent, Reactive & Proactive. If you’re close to the data or the process, it can be difficult to determine which of these approaches is used by your company.

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A Sales Rep's Guide to Tech Talk: SSO

SSO (Single sign-on) is what allows users to log in to a software system once and then access other systems as well using a single set of credentials (think username, password, PIN, etc.).

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A Sales Rep’s Guide to Tech Talk: API

I’m sure you’ve heard this term before, most likely in relation to applications on your tablet or smartphone. Such and such app has “an open API,” or, “That company doesn’t make their API public.”

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