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content marketing strategy

Help Prospects Overcome Completion Bias with Your Content Marketing Strategy

Guest Post written by Cheyanne Ritz   “Over in the corner, the new chef in charge of vegetables had been cutting the same stalk of rhubarb for an hour.” In an article published recently by the Guardian, the ins and outs of the remote Swedish fine-dining restaurant Faviken are scrutinized. Its head chef, Magnus Nilsson,…

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top sales reps

Are Top Sales Reps Born or Made?

Today’s sales environment is constantly evolving, funnel dynamics are shifting, and the purchase process is increasingly more complex. Despite these changes, some sales reps continue to thrive and consistently hit quota. But these top performers only account for 1/3 of sales people, meaning that 2/3 of reps fail to reach their annual sales goals. And…

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ROI of Sales Asset Management

Savo radically boosts the effectiveness of sales and marketing teams. That’s why massive and fast growing organizations adopt KnowledgeTree to push recommended content to their sales teams. But how do you quantify the return on investment for KnowledgeTree? We’ve distilled down the major buckets of value that sales and marketing teams focus on when calculating…

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40 point checklist

The Ultimate 40-Point Checklist for Sales Enablement Planning

Guest Post written by Cheyanne Ritz   Download your 40-point sales enablement planning checklist and worksheet here. Helping sales reps with training, on-boarding, messaging, and being valuable to prospects are all benefits of sales enablement. Even small steps towards sales enablement planning can have a big impact. There are clear signs you need a sales…

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customer always right

Is the Customer Always Right?

You’ve probably heard it time and time again: “The customer is always right”. It becomes ingrained in corporate culture, touted by leadership as evidence of their organization’s high customer service standards, and even a fallback for dissatisfied buyers. But abiding by this age-old phrase can be disheartening for your sales reps and disastrous for your…

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Sales Communication

The Importance of Marketing and Sales Communication

The tension, and sometimes even resentment, between sales and marketing teams is notorious. The silo mentality, where departments operate as individual units, is increasingly an issue in the B2B selling space. Forrester data shows that only 8% of B2B companies have tight sales and marketing alignment. And surprisingly, data from DemandGen and InsideView found that…

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social selling

4 Ways Sales Can Use Content in Their Social Selling

Over the past several years, we have seen a significant rise in the importance of digital channels in the sales process. In today’s increasingly connected world, prospects and customers are just a click away. Modern companies must adapt their social selling strategies to attract and satisfy these next-generation buyers. The power of social media combined…

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content sales needs

Just a Second: When is Marketing Content Used by Sales?

Guest Post written by Cheyanne Ritz   Download the infographic, What Content Do Sales People Need? 54,578 Google searches, 2.5 million emails, 7,229 Tweets – That’s what happens in one second on the internet (according to Some of this mind-boggling volume is your prospective customers. They are searching for solutions like yours on Google,…

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sales adoption

7 Steps to Boost Sales Enablement Adoption

The roles and functions of the B2B sales team have changed quite a bit in just the past decade. One of the greatest contributors to these advances is the integration of technology throughout the sales process. Equipping reps with the right tools is essential to helping them do their jobs more efficiently and effectively, resulting…

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part 2

How to Create Great Content Part 2

Content plays a vital role in advancing deals. Sales people use content to convince and convert early stage prospects. And they use these materials to build business cases that lead to closed won opportunities. But are you producing the kinds of materials that sales teams actually need? Are they able to find and use ‘sales…

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content stages

What Marketing Content Types Work at Different Sales Stages?

Guest Post written by Cheyanne Ritz In Peter Mollins’ recent post about content marketing, he notes that the content created by marketers for the top of the sales funnel is typically meant to generate awareness and intent. However, content built for top of funnel may not be what sales wants or needs when they’re working…

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age of information

B2B Selling in the Age of Information

Evolving buyer behavior continues to reshape the dynamics of the B2B landscape. One of the more significant changes is the increasingly informed age of information and digitally engaged buyer, presenting both a challenge and an opportunity for the savvy sales rep. The Internet and search engines have revolutionized the way that buyers access and engage…

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content for sales

What Content Does Sales Need?

Click here to download the report.   95% of sales people think content is essential to advance deals. So, why is 80% of content unused by sales teams? All of that great material that your marketing and sales enablement organization is building is sitting idly. Powerful sales assets that could convert a lead or close…

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Marketo Summit

Marketo Summit Takeaways

I just got back from the Marketo Summit. And it was another first class event that they put on. We partnered with the fantastic folks at Engagio, taking over the Corner Cakes pastry shop in the MGM Grand. That led to a lot of meetings with prospects and customers, and a lot of donuts. From…

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part 1

How to Create Great Content Part 1

I’m very proud of the SAVO content team. Shelley Cernel and Cheyanne Ritz put together very powerful and useful content. It’s material that sales and marketing leaders can get tremendous value from. And creating great content is only one aspect of their day-to-day. So, how do they keep up the pace of high-quality materials? There’s…

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