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content marketing

Three 400-Year-Old Ways to Beat the Competition with Content Marketing

Guest Post written by Cheyanne Ritz   A young woman falls in love with a young man whose family is her family’s enemy. A powerful married couple conspire to claim complete political control – by any means necessary. You may recognize these summaries of Shakespeare’s plays Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth. Shakespeare’s influence is still…

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Maslow’s Hierarchy for Sales Enablement

Click here to download the infographic.   Abraham Maslow’s theory of human motivation is over 70 years old and since its conception, has been discussed, applauded, and criticized. Even so, Maslow’s hierarchy continues to have a strong relevance in today’s society, particularly within the world of business. The hierarchy provides order to the chaos of…

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Mar tech

Attending MarTech? Themes to Watch For

MarTech is one of the conferences of the year for technology-enabled marketers. And no wonder. The space is white hot, and the sessions are well known for combining vision and practical advice. Plus, the cachet of Scott Brinker adds an extra level. So, what should you expect if you’re going to the event? Let’s take a…

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content marketing

7 Things My Garden Taught Me About Content This Weekend

This weekend my kids and I gently woke up our garden. We dreamt about what to add (“more berries”), added a fresh blanket of soil, and welcomed new shrubs. Just like my parents did with me, I had the chance to show my kids how to coax the best from the ground. Now, on a…

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marketing blueprint

Boost Sales Efficiency and Marketing Revenue from Bottom of Funnel Leads

Click here to download the infographic. Guest Post written by Cheyanne Ritz   Most marketers are focused on lead generation, as well as creating awareness. Being on the minds of prospective customers is the job of marketing, but so is visibility into what happens to a lead after it’s qualified by marketing and moved into…

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Do Your Sales Prospects have FOMO?

Today’s B2B buyers have more choices and possibilities than ever before, and the Internet and all of the information online ensures buyers are even more educated. But the downside to having so many options is that buyers often worry about whether they are making the right choices or potentially missing out on something better. As…

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sales enablement

Use Sales Enablement to See into the B2B Buyer’s Mind

Guest Post written by Cheyanne Ritz   B2B sales has a problem, and it is only growing in urgency: difficulty offering value to buyers. When B2B buyers are ready to talk to a vendor, they expect the sales process to be valuable and serve their needs. But B2B buyers are more educated about their problems and…

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use sales enablement

6 Ways Marketing Can Use Sales Enablement to Get Content Used

Sales enablement technology has been trending in the B2B space recently. It is a technological shift that has disrupted the way that B2B organizations engage and communicate with prospects, customers, coworkers, and the world at large. Perhaps you are hesitant to invest in sales enablement because you aren’t sure how to get ROI. Or maybe…

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sales enablement tech

Is Sales Enablement Technology a Luxury or a Necessity?

Sales technology has come a long way in the past few decades. These technological shifts are disrupting the sales process and the way that reps engage and communicate with prospects, customers, coworkers, and the world at large. Experts at LinkedIn say, “Businesses are constantly being introduced to new tools, technologies, and ways of connecting with…

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sales portal

How to Increase Content Use with a Sales Portal

Guest Post written by Cheyanne Ritz   Much like a beachcomber finding the sand too hot but the water too cold, B2B marketers are running headlong towards technology – but finding it difficult to handle. New research from Forrester shows that some of the pillars of marketing technology are starting to crack. While 80% of…

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marketing plans

Do Your Marketing Plans Leave Too Much to Chance?

Guest Post written by Cheyanne Ritz   It could never be proven and was only a theory – until now. The existence of gravitational waves, created via the collision of two black holes, is a major step forward for us to understand the universe. I couldn’t help but notice some astounding things about how this discovery…

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Recruit, Train, and Retain with Sales Enablement

The roles and functions of the B2B sales team have changed quite a bit in just the past decade. One of the greatest contributors to these advances is the integration of technology throughout the sales process. Why is this important? Well, the increasingly competitive marketplace and more informed buyers have changed the sales space, forcing…

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Building a business case

Building a Business Case for Sales Enablement Technology

Investing in a new technology can make or break your organization’s revenue goals, but getting buy-in can be a long, drawn-out, and sometimes inconclusive process. So how do you get the right people (i.e. the decision makers) on board with you? How can you convince them that sales enablement technology is just what your company…

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marketing content

Tie Marketing Content to Revenue

Sharon Little is an outstanding resource for sales and marketing leaders. She’s research director for sales enablement strategies at SiriusDecisions. You really must follow her work if you care about the effectiveness of your sales organization. Two weeks ago she posted a new piece on her blog. It explores how marketers should prioritize which content…

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