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sales kickoff

Marketers, Get Ready for Your Sales Kickoff (Part 1)

For most companies, January is the month to evaluate the go-to-market performance of the previous year. To look back on what drove revenue and what didn’t. And to use those insights to gear up for the year ahead. Often those learnings will be packed into the motivational package of a Sales Kickoff. As the name…

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Predictive Analytics

Top 40 Predictive Analytics Tools

Guest Post written by Jason Murray   Predictive analytics are increasingly important to businesses as they become more scientific in their sales processes. Companies are collecting large amounts of data but aren’t always sure how to use this information. Predictive tools allow sales and marketing teams to apply historical data to future events to boost their…

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marketing plan

Get Your 2016 Marketing Plan Cleaned-Up

The new year is coming up fast. Parties, gifts, and the mad rush to get final projects and deals completed before the gong. But there’s also often time for reflection and time to ‘sharpen the axe’, readying your marketing plan, ahead of the new year. Let’s take a look at 3 house cleaning tasks that…

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b2b buyer

11 B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

As marketers, we always look ahead to “What’s hot?” or “What’s the next best thing?”. These questions become more pressing as the year winds down. According to a recent SalesForce survey of over 5,000 marketers, the greatest challenge that they face is “how to keep up with trends to drive more higher quality leads”. To get…

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sales productivity

How to Boost Sales Productivity Through Q4

Q4 is a precarious time for productivity. The chaos of the holidays combined with the end-of-year crunch means competing priorities for employees and plenty of opportunities for performance to slip. As Fast Company says, “The season is rife with distractions in and outside work, where everyone is twice as busy and half as focused”. Indeed,…

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content audit

How to Conduct a Marketing Content Audit

According to a report by the Custom Content Council, “The number of CMOs who believe that content marketing is the future of their world has nearly doubled in the last five years”. Clearly, marketers have recognized the importance of content in their marketing strategy and its value in driving sales goals. In fact, an Adobe…

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Sales content

Why Sales Content Doesn’t Get Used – Marketing’s Answer (Webinar Video)

1. Sales Content and Marketing Today we’ll look into a classic challenge — why sales teams don’t use the great content that marketing teams invest in and create. 2. Our Sales Enablement and Content Solution The company I’m with, SAVO, has focused on this challenge for years. Our customers are some of the fastest-growing inside…

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Q4 success strategies

Q4 Success Strategies for Sales

Many sales reps have a love-hate relationship with Q4, where high risks meets high reward in hitting those last minute quotas. With the holidays right around the corner, there is more chaos, less time, and greater pressure to finish the year strong. But ‘end of year’ doesn’t mean it’s time to sit back, relax, and…

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marketing metric

The Best B2B Marketing Metric

After determining product market fit and building the team, the toughest decisions in B2B marketing are about where to spend your money. Today’s marketers don’t rely on gut-checks to select programs; they look to metrics and data to guide their choices. But what marketing metric helps weigh an investment in a marketing program? Choosing Programs Based…

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holiday season strategies

7 Holiday Season Strategies for B2B Marketers

This is an exciting, albeit busy, time of year for B2B and B2C companies alike. The holidays are right around the corner, which means more chaos, less time, and greater pressure to finish the year strong. But ‘end of year’ doesn’t mean it’s time to sit back, relax, and coast through the holidays. Q4 is…

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Predicting What Your Sales Team Should Do Next

Predictive Lifecycle In the past decade the B2B buyer has radically changed. Increased access to information has given buyers more power to control the sales process. At the same time the buying environment has become more complex as companies struggle under ever tighter budgetary and time constraints. These macro-shifts have led to a segmentation of…

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sales enablement

7 Signs You Need a Sales Enablement Solution

In today’s competitive business environment, sales organizations are increasingly chasing more aggressive goals with greater pressure to overachieve. But only 1/3 of sales reps meet or exceed quota, and only 10% are consistently high-performing. What can a company do to increase performance and see bottom-line results? Well, a modern selling strategy requires modern sales tools…

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Conversion Rates

The Problem with Conversion Rates

Smart B2B companies recognize that there should be no real handoff between Sales and Marketing. Marketing nurtures prospects from the top right through to the bottom of the funnel. And it supports sales teams as they advance and message to opportunities. At the same time, sales influences marketing’s direction with qualitative feedback from what’s working.…

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Predictive versus Prescriptive

This morning I posted a blog on the topic of predictive analytics via LinkedIn. It looks into how this technology equips sales, sales enablement, and marketing with insights that encourage focus and better execution in the buyer journey. And most importantly, it makes the case that saying your technology is predictive is not enough. You…

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sales coaching

The Shift From Sales Reps to Trusted Advisors

“A trusted advisor is a salesperson, but a salesperson may not be a trusted advisor.” – Anthony Iannarino   AS CEB’s sales and marketing summit comes to a close, the nuances of the challenger sale once again come to mind. For any given sales situation, there could be anywhere from 7 to 20 people involved in a B2B…

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A Marketer’s Guide to Sales Enablement: Making Content Count