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predictive technology

Predictive Technology: Back to the Future

Today is the highly anticipated “Back to the Future” day. The date that Marty McFly travelled to when he visited the future. In honor of Marty, let’s take a look at approaches marketing and sales pros can take to predict the future. There’s been a tidal wave of announcements and attention around predictive analytics. As…

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mistakes sales reps make

10 Mistakes Sales Reps Make (& What to do About It)

Analysts show that 53% of a customer’s opinion of your company is formed prior to the close of the sale. And the truth is that prospects will look for any little reason to dismiss your product from their consideration. If buyers have an unpleasant interaction with your sales team, they’re less likely to want to…

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Successful Sales Reps

5 Habits of Highly Successful Sales Reps

Ask yourself – do you want to be a good sales rep or do you want to be a great sales rep? Organizations need sales reps – they are critical to the success of the business. And in today’s competitive business environment, sales organizations are increasingly chasing more aggressive goals with greater pressure to overachieve.…

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content clutter

How to Break Through Content Clutter

Do you ever feel as if your tried-and-true marketing efforts are just not working as well as they used to anymore? Well, you may not be imagining things. Today’s consumers, even in B2B, are bombarded 24/7 by literally thousands of competing marketing messages from a multitude of channels and sources. According to Jay Walker-Smith from Yankelovich…

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social selling

The Case for Social Selling & How to be Successful

Every minute, there are 350,000 tweets and 290,000 Facebook updates; every second, two new members join LinkedIn. These numbers are impressive, and they aren’t static or declining – they are growing rapidly. Today, prospects and customers are just a click away, and modern day companies must adapt their sales strategies to attract these next-generation buyers.…

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b2b marketers

12 Habits of Highly Effective B2B Marketers

If you could do your job more effectively, would you? Of course! So even if you pick up just a handful of these habits, you will be on your way to becoming a more effective B2B marketers, as well as better prepared for future career success. First, what is a habit? ‘Habits’ can be defined…

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sales coaching

Why You Need Sales Coaching & How to be Successful

Whether you want to play a new sport, speak a new language, or sell more effectively, you will need a coach to guide you through what works and what doesn’t, regular training to learn winning techniques and methods, and of course practice. But first, what exactly is ‘sales coaching’? Sales coaching can be defined as ‘the…

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sales operations

Prescriptive Analytics for Sales Operations

Prescriptive analytics is an incredibly hot topic for sales operations professionals. Why? Sales operations is driven by the need to understand the reality of the sales funnel. Deep insight into what is working and what can be replicated is the hallmark of a good sales operations leader. A great one can automate that feedback loop…

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sales operations

Sales Operations and Marketing Must Work Together

You’ll often hear about the classic “Sales and Marketing Divide”. There is actually a lot more nuance to that problem than meets the eye. After all, neither team is a monolith. They’re made up of different units with many different concentrations. One of those units within sales that is a favorite of mine is sales…

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5 Reasons for Crowdsourcing Content

Let’s start with the obvious. Marketers need content. In fact, an Adobe study found that content marketing is the #1 priority for B2B marketers. Although 83% of B2B organizations regularly use content, 58% of them struggle to create good collateral. The challenge is not in generating the content but rather in continuously creating a variety…

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just in time training

“Just in Time” Sales Training

When your sales team is equipped to communicate value, answer competitive threats, and build compelling business cases, they can win more deals. And one of the most effective ways to do that is with sales training delivered via your Learning Management System. By giving sales teams the insights, tools, and information they need to engage…

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sales operations

The Internet of Things for B2B Marketers

We engage with the Internet of Things (IoT) on a daily basis, often without even realizing it. Wearable technology tracks your fitness goals. Parents can monitor their baby’s breathing, temperature, and activity through their smartphones. Smart thermostats use real-time data to reduce your energy usage. Wireless technology helps you find lost keys or even your…

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b2b buyer

What Do Today’s B2B Buyers Want?

The B2B selling space is evolving, funnel dynamics are shifting, and buyers are becoming better informed. Perhaps the most significant change is the shift in the balance of power in the B2B purchase process, from the vendor to the buyer, who is now in control. “The modern B2B buying process looks less like a linear path…

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creative content

Driving Marketing Success With Creative Content

Recent trends research by the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs shows that 90% of B2B marketers consider content key to their marketing mix. According to a report by the Custom Content Council, “the number of CMOs who believe that content marketing is the future of their world has nearly doubled in the last five…

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sales reps still relevant

Are Sales Reps Still Relevant in the Age of Automation?

Automation is everywhere in the B2B world. Advances in technology can completely transform a business and drive increased efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. That same technology is evolving faster than most organizations can even adapt. As technology and big data disrupt and threaten jobs across multiple industries, from fast food and retail to automotive manufacturing and healthcare,…

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