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5 Reasons for Crowdsourcing Content

Let’s start with the obvious. Marketers need content. In fact, an Adobe study found that content marketing is the #1 priority for B2B marketers. Although 83% of B2B organizations regularly use content, 58% of them struggle to create good collateral. The challenge is not in generating the content but rather in continuously creating a variety…

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just in time training

“Just in Time” Sales Training

When your sales team is equipped to communicate value, answer competitive threats, and build compelling business cases, they can win more deals. And one of the most effective ways to do that is with sales training delivered via your Learning Management System. By giving sales teams the insights, tools, and information they need to engage…

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sales operations

The Internet of Things for B2B Marketers

We engage with the Internet of Things (IoT) on a daily basis, often without even realizing it. Wearable technology tracks your fitness goals. Parents can monitor their baby’s breathing, temperature, and activity through their smartphones. Smart thermostats use real-time data to reduce your energy usage. Wireless technology helps you find lost keys or even your…

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b2b buyer

What Do Today’s B2B Buyers Want?

The B2B selling space is evolving, funnel dynamics are shifting, and buyers are becoming better informed. Perhaps the most significant change is the shift in the balance of power in the B2B purchase process, from the vendor to the buyer, who is now in control. “The modern B2B buying process looks less like a linear path…

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creative content

Driving Marketing Success With Creative Content

Recent trends research by the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs shows that 90% of B2B marketers consider content key to their marketing mix. According to a report by the Custom Content Council, “the number of CMOs who believe that content marketing is the future of their world has nearly doubled in the last five…

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sales reps still relevant

Are Sales Reps Still Relevant in the Age of Automation?

Automation is everywhere in the B2B world. Advances in technology can completely transform a business and drive increased efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. That same technology is evolving faster than most organizations can even adapt. As technology and big data disrupt and threaten jobs across multiple industries, from fast food and retail to automotive manufacturing and healthcare,…

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content marketing

Finding Time to Build Content Marketing Collateral

We often talk about sales people not having enough time in a day. But the same holds true for content marketing teams. They’re part of the same go-to-market process. And if they’re not delivering top of funnel or helping to  support low funnel activities, then there’s a big risk of missing corporate revenue goals. At…

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sales culture

Creating a High-Performing Sales Culture

A top priority for sales managers, after increasing sales and revenue of course, is often to create a high-performing sales culture within the organization. Every sales leader wants a productive, efficient, and effective sales team that can hit quota. And let’s face it – in today’s competitive business environment, sales organizations are increasingly chasing more…

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Marketing content

Why Your Marketing Content Doesn’t Get Used

A typical B2B marketing team invests 16% of its budget creating marketing content. That’s a trend that’s been on the rise for years as companies recognize the influence content can have on buyer behavior. Interest has risen even more dramatically as marketers and sales leadership recognized that marketing content had a dramatic effect on prospects in the bottom of the…

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marketing automation

Why Today’s Marketer Needs Marketing Automation

Recent research from Aberdeen has found that the use of marketing automation technology is a significant differentiator between effective and ineffective content marketers. They go on to assert, “Content marketing has proven to be a great equalizer in the business world – even the smallest companies can get noticed if their content can strike the relevant,…

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Six Ways Sales Can Use Content to Win

Today’s buyers are more sophisticated than ever before, and they know more about your products, competitors, and the market than ever before. That means that sales people that interact with them need to be prepared to add value when speaking to prospects. They have to engage and challenge their prospects with new ideas and new…

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types of content

25 Types of Content Missing From Your Marketing Strategy

Content is king and continues to drive inbound marketing success. According to an IDG Enterprise survey, 84% of marketers say content production is on the rise, and over 50% use 10 or more formats and tactics that they deem effective. But it’s easy to get into a rut – it can be boring for you…

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predictive sales

Predicting the Future of Predictive Sales

On Wednesday industry leaders and expert practitioners gathered in San Francisco to discuss predictive technology and its applications to the sales funnel. The range of participants, across multiple industries and geographies, are testament to the fact that predictive technologies have come mainstream. Much like the cloud trend that accelerated in the 2000s, the predictive world…

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content marketing

Killer Content Marketing Strategies From Shark Week

It’s that time of year: Shark Week. This annual ritual is a staple of the American summer and a pop-culture phenomenon. It is the longest-running and one of the most-watched cable TV programming events in history. Now in its 28th year, this event only continues to pick up speed, with a record-breaking 53.2 million viewers…

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sales training

Sales Training is a Line, Not a Dot

Sales reps are critical to the success of any business, but especially fast-growing B2B sales organizations. In today’s selling space, where the sales process is more complex and a purchase decision requires consensus from multiple stakeholders, it’s important for your sales team to be experts on the products they’re selling, your industry, and your customer’s challenges.…

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