The Rise of the Situational Salesperson

By Shelley Cernel

The Rise of the Situational Salesperson

It’s no secret that B2B organizations are chasing increasingly more aggressive goals with greater pressure to overachieve. That means your sales teams need to be experts on the products they’re selling, the industry, and the prospects’ challenges. But easier said than done.

Sales Has a Problem…

Sales Challenge #1: The B2B selling space is constantly evolving, with an increasingly complex purchase process, shifting funnel dynamics, better-informed buyers, and changing buyer expectations. That means information about buyer personas, the industry, and even your own products and value props can quickly become outdated.

Sales Challenge #2: Almost 40% of B2B companies indicate that getting new reps productive more quickly is the most important factor in hitting sales quota. But one-and-done sales training simply won’t cut it, as 87% of sales training is forgotten within weeks. That means training needs to be both proactive and situational – not a reactive measure at the end of the quarter.

Each of these challenges on their own is a problem, but when the two come together, it’s a recipe for disaster.

…But There is a Solution

The solution is “just-in-time” sales guidance. Reps need the right content, messaging, and training skills at the right time, based on each individual sales situation … and they need the right technology to serve it up. When your team is equipped to communicate value, answer competitive threats, and build compelling business cases, they can sell more effectively and win more deals.

Here’s How You Can Get Started

Last week, SAVO hosted a webinar with Corporate Visions on The Rise of the Situational Just-in-Time Salesperson. David Kriss, VP of Sales Enablement at SAVO, and Tim Riesterer, co-author of The Three Value Conversations, explored how to eliminate the barriers to situational learning and power the convergence of marketing messaging and sales coaching and skills into one experience. While the technology to enable in-the-moment learning has existed, the messaging, content, and skills training to serve up in that format has not been available until now.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn about:

  • Tested and proven messaging frameworks that salespeople can put into action
  • Skills training competencies that are matched to sales situations in the customer lifecycle
  • Integrated, interactive formats that can make just-in-time learning a powerful reality

Remember — as entrepreneur Mark Suster said, sales training is a line, not a dot!

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