Sales Coaching: Time to Kick it up a Notch

By Jillian Eyl (@MsBiz_Chicago

Every sales manager fanaticizes about leading a team of A-players who crush quota quarter after quarter.

But what fun would that be?!

The Reality of Sales Coaching Today

The Pareto Principle tells us that in most cases, 80% of your efforts yield only 20% of your results.

When viewing this stat through a sales lens, I imagine most managers would quake with frustration. Because it means that all the blood, sweat, and SPIFFs you pour into your B-reps and C-reps won’t bear much fruit.

Yet, it’s important to keep striving, because this 20% of profit from your underdogs is often the 20% that makes it possible to hit revenue targets.

Why Sales Enablement Improves Sales Coaching

Unfortunately, restrictive budgets and a sheer lack of world-class talent means that recruiting all A-players simply isn’t a reality.

The trick isn’t to hire all A-players; it’s to find ways to scale sales readiness and results across your sales organization.

This sounds great in theory, but we all know that replicating results is easier said than done. Fortunately, Sales Enablement technology can help.

Sales enablement:

  • Makes it possible to capture the knowledge and habits of top players and then replicate it across your sales force
  • Ensures that ALL sellers – regardless of tenure, talent, or geography – have access to the resources, people, and processes they need to drive success
  • Allows sellers to be more agile and pivot real-time as market conditions, buyer requirements, and selling scenarios change

So back to that fantasy about leading all A-players. If your team is there already, hats off to you, my friend! I’m impressed.

If there’s room for improvement, it’s time to ask yourself: are you giving them the resources, processes, and technology they need to be successful?

If there are still a few gaps, I recommend checking out our recent Webinar on Agile Selling, which is now available to watch on-demand!

Jillian Eyl

Jillian Eyl is the Senior Manager of Marketing Program Strategy and Design at SAVO. In this role, she develops brand positioning, manages the content and email marketing strategy, and owns demand gen programs from conception through execution. A globetrotter at heart, Jillian loves to travel, critique BBQ joints, and visit family and friends in her home state of Ohio.

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