SAVO CEO: 2018 Sales Enablement Predictions

By Madison Lee

Sales Enablement Software

2017 was a remarkable year for sales enablement software – with consolidation of the sales productivity and enablement space there has been noticeable innovation and market growth across the board. We interviewed Jason Liu, SAVO’s CEO to hear his thoughts on what types of innovation to expect in 2018. Hear what he has to say on millennial based workforces, agile environments, data-driven decisions and more!

According to Liu, the sales enablement market will continue to grow and shift towards a millennial based workforce, meaning greater emphasis on cutting-edge technology in 2018. “Our industry must be agile enough to make the many changes the market will demand in 2018” Liu Said.

“As we head into the new year, sales enablement platforms will allow sales teams to gain insight into their solutions and access the most significant data about their customers. This will be at the core of how enterprises leverage the tool to collect content for outreach to their leads. Data will continue to become more customized and distinct, allowing each organization to manipulate it based on their needs. In 2018, data-driven decisions will be the only decisions that matter, and the only ones that get the desired results.” Liu said.

In addition to featuring more data driven decisions, the upcoming year will be dedicated to Big Data and increased social media influence. Lui notes the importance of sales enablement solutions with the ability to parse data into actionable intelligence. A sales enablement platform lacking this ability is sure is vanish in 2018.

Today’s buyers are looking for options across the spectrum of sales enablement software. In an oversaturated market, Lui believes that offering fewer high quality choices will reduce customer confusion and allow the buyer to make the right product purchases in 2018. “Instead of investing in multiple pieces from multiple vendors and cobbling together a sales enablement Frankenstein, companies can instead buy one solution that offers many functionalities.” Lui said.

According to Lui, “As the market continues to incorporate more relevant data and consolidate, pioneering vendors can bring together the highest-quality offerings into one portfolio. That means 2018 will see more tightly integrated solutions that are more economical and more functional. Everybody wins.”

The upcoming year is sure to be an exciting one for the sales enablement industry. The continued consolidation and data driven decisions will offer many new opportunities and improvements to drive more sales in 2018.

Tell us where you are placing your technology bets in the upcoming year!


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