Sales Enablement: Trending and Growing

This is a guest post written by Tamara Schenk

Sales Enablement: Trending and Growing

No doubt, sales enablement is a fast-growing discipline. Back in 2012, only 19% of our study participants at CSO Insights reported having a sales enablement program, initiative or function. In 2016 it was 34%, and this year it’s 59%.

Sales enablement is growing very fast – it’s actually growing exponentially!

Whenever you observe fast-growing movements in history, the steps in the beginning are slow, difficult, and often painful. Those of you who are early adopters and enablement pioneers, and have been working in this space for several years, know what I’m talking about. We all figured things out – what worked and what didn’t – developed frameworks and models, and we learned a ton of new things, almost with the speed of light.

More people are new to enablement. Clarity is needed, more than ever.

Over the last couple of years, more and more people have gotten into sales enablement roles and responsibilities. As a consequence, more discussions are taking place on what it is and what it isn’t, the right way to do it, and for whom it is done. It’s also very important to understand what the role of technology should be. It was never easy to define sales enablement. For those who were knee-deep in enablement, that was not a big issue, but things have changed.

Now, with such an exponential growth of the enablement movement, the level of confusion seems to increase, and the need for clarity was never bigger than today. This is where our research at CSO Insights comes into play. We have been monitoring this space for many years, and since 2015, we have conducted an annual, global sales enablement study.

Only one-third of organizations are successful with their enablement approach! That means two-thirds are not.

Join our webinar on September 27th, “The Latest Sales Enablement Trends from CSO Insights” and learn more about what the successful one-third are doing differently!

Learn about:

  • Sales enablement’s purpose: What are the problems enablement should solve?
  • Sales enablement defined: What is the organization’s scope, and what are their enablement goals? Where does enablement sit in the organization?
  • Sales enablement services: What do salespeople need and how? The right content, the right messaging at the right time in the right situation. OK, but how do you enable this consistently and effectively?
  • Sales enablement technology: How can technology help to manage and orchestrate various enablement services, ideally at salespeople’s fingertips?

Walk away with strategies that will help you find more, win more, and grow more business with data-supported insights!

Click HERE to register and save your spot! Can’t attend? Register and we will send you the recording and slides afterwards. See you on the 27th!

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