Sales Enablement: What is it and Why Does it Matter for my Sales Team?

By Brittany Halldorson (@BHalldorson)

Let’s face the obvious: selling is hard. From the day-to-day grind of finding and meeting with prospects to staying on top of new product updates and marketing collateral, it can feel like you are fighting just to stay afloat.

Not to mention, the modern buying journey is getting longer and more complex for even the most talented sellers. In fact, 91% of global business buyers say that they have higher expectations than two years ago (SAP), and CEB reports that the average number of stakeholders required to close a deal has increased to 6.8, up from 5.4 just 18 months ago. How can any salesperson stay sane, let alone succeed, in this increasingly complex sales world?

One important change sellers can make? A simple mindset shift. Instead of thinking of your buyer as a barrier to hitting quota, think of buyers as a player on your team. For buyers, the goal is to walk away with a streamlined answer to their business problem, where you serve as the guide to help them think differently about their business. For you, the buyer is an invaluable resource for feedback; whether that’s testing a product beta or gauging reactions to a new marketing campaign. With this simple change in approach, both parties are empowered to succeed.

Closing the Gap with Sales Enablement

But sales is more than just a strategic mindset – successful sales teams also need tools to keep their resources, processes, and tools aligned. This is where Sales Enablement comes in. Powered by technology, sales enablement connects salespeople to all the resources they need to engage with buyers in a way that’s personalized to their business needs. No more static sales pitches or time wasted searching for new marketing collateral. Best of all, sales enablement allows you to put your buyer’s needs back where they belong: at the center of your sales process.

If you’re ready to move beyond the complexities of the modern sales cycle and harness the power of sales enablement, Unlock the Power of Sales Enablement today!

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