Sales Kickoff is Over… Now What?

By Brittany Halldorson (@BHalldorson)

You just spent months planning and executing a great sales kickoff. But what do you do now that everyone has flown home and returned to their day-to-day routines?

How to Make Sales Kickoff Results Last

The truth is, research shows that 90% of what participants learn at SKO is lost within just 1 week, which is far too fast for you to see tangible results (and a quick drain of your company’s financial investment in the event).  But even if your sales reps were able to remember the lessons learned at SKO, it wouldn’t be enough to drive continuous revenue for your company.

Instead of focusing on SKO as a one-and-done waterfall event, it’s time to think of it as one piece of a long term, adaptable plan with agile methodology at the core.  This plan is iterative, adaptable, and ready to change based on rapidly evolving marketplace demands.  With an agile approach, SKO is the chance to equip your team with the right resources to react to customer needs in-the-moment, not a data dump for marketing collateral.

Here are a few examples of how Agile teams approach Sales Kickoff to maximize results.

Before Agile:

  • Product presents their vision for the year, with large product releases pre-scheduled for the upcoming year
  • Marketing rolls out a big campaign at SKO, including beautiful, comprehensive collateral that took months to create
  • SKO serves as the sole training event of the year and sellers are expected to implement immediately after wards

After Agile:

  • The current product vision is announced at SKO, with plans for small iterative betas and rapid improvements based on customer feedback
  • Marketing presents refreshed content at SKO and continually rolls out quick, bite-sized campaigns throughout the year so information is always fresh
  • New sales training happens at SKO, but technology tools ensure sellers can access up to date information on-the-job and relay to buyers immediately

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