3 E's of Sales Productivity: Effectiveness

Is Your Sales Team Doing the Right Things, and Doing Them Well?

In a recent post about sales efficiency, a key driver of sales productivity, I asked how companies can make life a little easier for sales pros, specifically, how can they give time back? In this post, I’ll focus on Sales Effectiveness and explore a particularly expensive investment companies are making to attain growth: sales training.

The Three E’s of Sales Productivity

  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Engagement

Does Sales Training Equal an Effective Sales Force?

Recent IDC Research found that, in an effort to introduce sales best practices across teams,  companies spend $5 billion dollars annually in the area of sales effectiveness training. But the results are disappointing, with more than 80 percent of sales pros failing to retain what they learned beyond 30 days.

How Do We Ensure Sales Training is Retained?

A Sales First environment ensures sales is equipped with the right tools to effectively communicate value to customers. Case studies revealed during the 2014 SAVO Summit revealed that effective training begins before the actual “training event” happens. Investing time and resources into planning for training, both before and after it happens, can make an impact on how well the information offered during training is absorbed.

A few strategies to help sales pros retain:

  • Consistently communicate the importance of training
  • Prepare managers to reinforce the behavior change during training
  • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) upfront to emphasize key behaviors

The IDC research referenced above also indicated that when emphasis was placed on training and sales process alone, less than 50 percent of sales reps made quota. However, when training was combined with sales process, coaching and technology, more than 90 percent made quota. When it comes to sales effectiveness, it takes a village. Encouragement, education and ease is born of a Sales First mentality and every team involved must play a supporting role.

The success stories customers and partners shared during the Sales Enablement Summit revealed increased sales effectiveness in the following:

  • Leadership has to be accountable
  • Managers need to implement continued coaching
  • Technology can be used to drive sustained behavior changes
  • Good content, not “good enough” content

Has the implementation of any of these tactics impacted sales effectiveness in your organization? If so, how?

Pierce Smith is a Communications Specialist at SAVO. Email him directly at pierce.smith@savogroup.com, or find him on LinkedIn or @PierceSAVO.

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