SAVO named a Top Sales Tool of 2018

Written by Minda Sulak 

#SAVO named a Top Sales Tool of 2018

Smart Selling Tools creates a guide each year to help organizations find and filter through all the sales technologies out in the world today, and heck there are a lot! SAVO has been named one of the Top Sales Tools by our friend Nancy Nardin at Smart Selling Tools, a recognized thought leader on sales technologies. Make sure to check out Nancy’s guide to the SalesTech landscape here.  Without further ado, below are the three reasons SAVO has been named a top sales tool of 2018.

1. SAVO is the Pioneer

SAVO is the leading sales enablement vendor in the market. We pioneered the sales enablement space in 1999 and have continued to lead with innovative solutions that help your sellers drive revenue. Being around for almost 20 years has its advantages. We have learned first-hand what organizations need and what sellers want in order to drive revenue.

2. SAVO is Proven

SAVO is the only globally proven solution with over 200+ customers and 1 million+ users. Our predictive and prescriptive technology is built for security and scale, deployed in 23 languages worldwide. Sellers are able to access recommended content via a standalone, browser-based interface for efficient discovery and sharing. See how our customers are using SAVO to increase revenue.

(Links back to each case study) : Rockwell Automation. Philips. Unum.

3. SAVO is the Only Complete Solution

We support all forms of sales enablement content from collateral to playbooks. And we deliver the only solution with both fast time to value and deep, immersive capabilities.  SAVO equips your seller to dynamically generate content that targets individual prospects’ needs. Your sellers will be able to access Salesforce Opportunity information and relevant content directly in the resource center creating a single access point to Salesforce content. Our analytics platform will give you deeper insight, stronger visual displays, more granular data and better flexibility, giving you the insight you need to focus business initiatives. Companies prefer SAVO because it allows them to start big or start small. And you can scale up from there, supporting direct and indirect sellers, with mission-specific content, worldwide.

savo solution

(Screenshot of SAVO integration into Salesforce)


Have any other questions about SAVO? Ask us here! We would be more than happy to give you some more information on why SAVO is one of the Top Sales Tools of 2018.

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