The Cost of Content, And Why It Matters

ThrowPaperMarketing organizations pour countless hours and dollars into content creation, and the majority of this work is done in-house and across functions. Consequently, visibility into total spend is cloudy, and most organizations lack the necessary structure and processes to calculate these investments.

Realizing that content spend is a blind-spot plaguing many B2B organizations, SiriusDecisions took a deep dive into this topic in its recent report: Calculating the True Cost of Content.

After surveying 291 B2B organizations, the study found that enterprise organizations spend 2X more than they think they do on content, and emerging growth organizations spend more than 10X.


Why do most estimations on total content spend miss the mark? It’s relatively easy to determine external billing costs when outsourcing work, but calculating costs of internally-generated content isn’t as easy. In fact, the study found that enterprise organizations generate 53% of their own content, and emerging companies create a whopping 83% of content in-house.

Why should you care? Most companies grossly underestimate the true investment made in content creation, and to make matters worse, the majority of this content goes to waste anyway. After studying how much of this content is actually productive (read: content that’s leveraged by internal audiences and consumed by external audiences), SiriusDecisions found that 65% of content is unused. And if it’s difficult for the average B2B organization to calculate total spend and analyze waste, then tying investments back to conversions is nearly impossible.

Why does 65% of the content that enterprise organizations invest in go to waste? And more importantly, what can you do about it? These answers can be found in our On-Demand Webinar with SiriusDecisions where they reveal research from their recent report: Calculating the True Cost of Content. You’ll learn why content goes to waste and how to increase content ROI by realigning Marketing and Sales. See you there!

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