The Top 5 Benefits of Using Technology Built on the Cloud

By Mary McGuire

The Top 5 Benefits of Using Technology Built on the Cloud

What’s all this talk about the cloud?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about “the cloud” – services offered by companies that include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and others. Many younger technology companies have built their solutions on the cloud from the start, whereas established companies are moving over to the cloud. That is great for them, but what does it mean for you as a user?

Here are just a few ways that you can benefit from using technology built on the cloud:

1. Focus on Your Strengths

No one has ever said, “Have you seen that awesome new tool? Their database is sweet!” Outsourcing commoditized pieces of technology, such as a database, allows companies to focus less on the foundational elements and more on their core competency. For example, a technology company that specializes in family healthcare can focus on how their software will best meet the needs of the families that use it, instead of focusing on how the underlying technology works.

2. Be Economical

Data centers, where physical databases are housed, take a lot of constant attention and resources. Software patches are typically released more than once a month, and companies have to constantly make new investments to ensure their hardware isn’t out of date, which can lead to risk. For technology that is built on the cloud, updates are released automatically, eliminating risk to you and your data.

3. Leverage Innate Capabilities

Amazon Web Services (AWS), probably the most popular cloud service, consists of an entire ecosystem of vendors. Organizations that are on AWS can leverage this ecosystem, allowing companies to take advantage of the expertise of niche vendors and ultimately deliver the best possible solution to you, the end user. This is the best example of “build vs buy” – many times it just makes more sense to let the experts build what they are good at. And the ecosystem that cloud service companies provide makes it easy to do so.

4. Take Advantage of Scalability

There are a few aspects that factor into how cloud services provide improved scalability over technology that is not on the cloud. The first is that cloud services tend to be located all over the world, so if one zone happens to go down due to a major disaster, there is no impact to performance. The second is the time to value.  An organization’s needs will fluctuate over time. Being on the web allows companies to add or remove servers as needed, without the manual steps of having to order, set up, and take down physical equipment. The ability for the technology you are using to do this ensures that regardless of where you are located, you know you have the access and performance that you need.

5. Recruit and Retain Talent

The technology that you use is supposed to make your life easier and more efficient and have a positive impact on your day-to-day activities. To do that, companies need top talent to create innovative, forward thinking solutions that anticipate your needs. Top development talent in the workforce right now prefers to be working at companies that are on the cloud – and top development talent means the technology that you are using has the smartest, and many times happiest, developers behind it.

Whether you are purchasing software for your sales team to use or you yourself are using it, it’s reassuring to know that what’s under the covers is not only the most reliable, but state of the art as well.

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