Turn Your Mobile Sellers into Situational Ninjas

By Amanda Wynne

Turn Your Mobile Sellers into Situational Ninjas

Ninjas are all about flexibility. They adapt quickly to changing circumstances. A barrier they didn’t expect? A change in the mission? No matter the situation, they have the tools, knowledge, and tactics to win. That’s what great sellers are like. They adjust to their sales situation and close deals.

Sales people — especially field, or outside, sellers — must have that level of adaptability. When they walk into a client’s site, they don’t always know what to expect from the meeting. What if a senior decision maker decides to join the session? What if a competitor had just presented to the team? What if a technical evaluator happens to show up and wants questions answered?

The sales person may not often be at her headquarters, surrounded by supporting technical teams and subject matter experts. She may not even have a technical pre-sales engineer on hand to respond to challenging questions. So, how do sales enablement teams help her to succeed regardless of the circumstances?

Prepare Ahead of Your Meeting

Preparation is always a key attribute of any successful professional. There’s no better time to be ready for your prospects than before you get that hardball question from them in the boardroom. If you know great responses to likely questions ahead of time. If you know what products are likely to be of interest. And if you know what kinds of competitive pressures you’re likely to face, you can walk into any meeting confidently.

SAVO helps sellers prepare for meetings through a variety of tools that provide situational guidance. One tool is a configurable wizard that walks sellers through a set of questions you can tailor to your business. Each response helps narrow down resources to just what is most relevant for the seller to prepare. The result is no fumbling for information. Instead, your sellers get the insights they need to be ready for that meeting!

Access to Content When Needed

One of the major reasons why sellers don’t research their products and access critical sales enablement content is because of the difficulty of locating assets. That’s true. If your sellers don’t know exactly what to look for — or have been frustrated from previous searches for sales enablement content — they’re not likely to look again.

That’s what makes SAVO’s seller resource center so successful. Its powerful search engine and immersive experience built around seller needs makes it easy for sales people to find the content and resources they’re looking for. And when it’s easy to find what they need, sellers keep coming back. Now, when they walk into that major meeting they’ll be equipped with the content, presentations, and other assets that will make the meeting a success.

Mobile Access to Content

When you’re in the room with your prospect and they want to see a presentation on your new product, you’d better be ready! Being able to quickly pull up a slide deck that addresses a key question of your prospect can do wonders to enhance confidence.

SAVO offers mobile-delivered sales enablement content for anywhere access to resources. In addition to training material and related resources, sellers can quickly find content like presentations. And they can do it on their tablet or mobile phone for easy discovery and delivery of content. Sellers can even access content offline — so no terrifying moment of realization that you can’t connect to your prospect’s WiFi network.

Immersive Experience Means You’re Always Ready

It’s great to be able to adapt on the fly in a meeting. But what if you were always ready for any question, any concern, any opportunity in a sales meeting. That’s certainly an ideal for sales enablement professionals. But with the majority of sales training being forgotten shortly after the training session, how do you get sellers to internalize your training?

By providing an immersive experience for training, sellers can deep-dive into video, write-ups, and other resources that help them quickly understand your products and offers. Training material that is in the heads of your sellers is more useful than in a binder on their shelf.

Quickly Get Input From Experts

No matter how prepared a seller is, there are going to be questions that she can’t answer. That’s particularly common in technical and complex sales situations. What sellers need is quick access to insights from her internal experts.

SAVO delivers a powerful Q&A forum environment. Sellers can post questions and solicit responses from internal subject matter experts. Experts can reply in the forum, alerting the seller of their response. That response then gets added to a searchable repository. That gives the whole sales team access to insights that helps them respond effectively.

Great Sellers Follow Up

The meeting went great. So, now it’s time to follow up. Even when you’re on the road, sellers should be able to follow-up with relevant resources to keep the conversation going. But what assets make sense to share? SAVO recommends assets to the seller based on the changing circumstances of the sales context. Even as the prospect’s situation matures, SAVO can suggest the right training and marketing content to help the seller advance the opportunity.

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