How Do I Know When My Team Needs Sales Enablement?

By Brittany Halldorson (@BHalldorson)

Many B2B organizations struggle to formalize and unify sales processes, making it even harder for sales teams to turn prospects into customers.  The solution to that struggle has a name: sales enablement.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement is a strategic approach to unite stakeholders in sales, marketing, and operations around the common goal of equipping salespeople with the resources, tools, coaching, and processes to sell effectively. But in a growing world of sales and marketing technology, how do you know when it’s time for your organization to invest in Sales Enablement? Read on.

How to Know When You Need Sales Enablement

Teams without sales enablement often encounter the same problems: low sales productivity, difficulty maintaining a consistent product and brand message, and worst of all, missed revenue goals.  All of these issues manifest themselves into misalignment problems for sales and marketing, with some of the most common examples shown below:

  • When revenue goals are missed, sales and marketing teams are quick to blame the other side for not doing their job
  • Onboarding time for new reps is long and laborious, often taking months before new reps are up to speed and performing in the field
  • Sales reps spend more time searching for content and customizing proposals, instead of doing what they do best: sell
  • Marketing regularly produces new content and collateral, only to collect dust when sellers don’t know it exists or can’t find it quickly
  • It’s difficult for your team to find data about which sales assets are driving results, making it hard for your sales managers to optimize performance

When these problems continue for months on end, they translate into lackluster sales and high employee turnover. And no matter if your company is a fast-paced start-up or Fortune 500 enterprise, adding sales enablement is a worthwhile investment to overcome these costly challenges.

So you’re ready for Sales Enablement…now what?

Before you start evaluating tools and reorganizing your teams to accommodate for sales enablement, it’s important to outline your business goals and priorities. Are you looking to streamline onboarding processes or cut down on proposal customization time? Do you need one source of the truth for marketing collateral or data to help you optimize the marketing materials you already have? These are crucial answers to have in order to successfully launch a sales enablement program.

If you are ready to learn more about sales enablement and how it can benefit your team, download our eBook “Unlock the Power of Sales Enablement” today.

Unlock the power of sales enablement

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