You Need More Video in Your Content Marketing Mix

By Amanda Wynne

You Need More Video in Your Content Marketing Mix

Content marketing saw a meteoric rise in prominence in the past decade. And it’s no surprise why. Prospects are hungry for information. They need insights and data to help them make better business decisions. And decision makers within your prospects are seldom experts on your domain space, they often look to vendors like you to provide that insight. That’s where content marketing comes in.

But what kind of content should you produce and use with your prospects? Of course PDFs, website content, like blog posts, and presentations are mainstays of content marketers. But video is a critical element that you need to build more of.

Prospects Love its Digestibility

Let’s be honest about some content, like white papers. They can sometimes be a little heavy. If you’re looking for in-depth information, a paper is a terrific format. But there are situations where a prospect is looking for a quick way to summarize the value of the solution you’re offering. Something that can be quickly shared with other decision makers internally to help them get up to speed.

Or, it could be used by sellers at the top of the funnel to quickly communicate value and encourage a prospect to take a next step — say, a phone call. In either case, it’s the ease of viewing and processing the information that makes it so loved by prospects.

It’s Easy to Process Complex Topics

But that’s not to say that video is only good for communicating simple messages. In fact, video can be especially powerful in getting across very complex subjects. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a moving picture worth?

We’ve seen great examples of technical visualizations and schematics being illustrated as video. Something that a white paper wouldn’t be able to communicate regardless of its length.

Variety Matters

It can get a little heavy with the same written word formats over and over again. As with a good meal, variety can help improve — dare we say it — the enjoyment of your sales enablement material. Humans are naturally drawn to variety and to what is different. When your seller follows up a meeting and sends something beyond a PDF, they’re likely going to catch the attention of your buyer.

In fact, we’ve seen great success with sellers using a combination approach. SAVO’s technology recommends winning content to sellers based on their situation. So, it’s easy for a seller to identify, say, a suggested PDF case study to share. And then follow it up with a recommended video to keep things going.

You Can Measure Video’s ROI

When shared using SAVO technology, your marketing and sales enablement teams can measure their impact. Marketing can see when sellers share the video and in what sales situation. That allows the team to proactively build more videos that support sellers’ needs. In fact, you may conclude that video works better later in the sales process, or maybe with more senior decision makers.

SAVO’s technology even lets marketers and sales enablers measure the revenue impact of your video. So, although video has a reputation as being expensive, that’s beside the point if it is generating way more revenue impact than alternative content. You can link revenue to individual videos using SAVO. So, your next conversation with the CFO about video creation’s relative ROI is an easy chat.

It’s Easier to Build than You Might Think

OK, you can make a big video production. You can invest a lot in producing a video. But you don’t have to. In fact, some of the most impactful videos are the simplest. Simpler videos speak to authenticity and urgency. They can be used to convey a different voice than a bigger production.

A great example is what some innovative SDRs are doing recently. They record short videos of themselves introducing their products in a casual, personal way. These videos often get an incredible open rate. We’re seeing SDRs produce and share dozens of videos in a week. This kind of nimbleness is now possible because of the availability of phones for video recording and inexpensive video editing tools.


Video is a powerful way for sellers to quickly and convincingly communicate your value proposition. Look to invest more effort and budget into this compelling content.

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