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Sales Enablement Solution

Innovation that Drives Seller Success

We’re delivering on an intense pace of innovation. In addition to the announcements below, we’re enriching our user experience with even more seller-centric tools and insights.

Plus, we’re bringing features that help managers identify best practice content use to
replicate across sales teams.

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Get Content in Context.

Get Suggested Content via Browser-Based Application

KnowledgeTree now recommends content via a powerful, visual web application. Sellers can access content recommended via a standalone, browser-based interface for efficient discovery and sharing.

  • Delivers content access recommended by the context of target prospects and companies
  • Offers beautiful, visual access to relevant assets that drives seller adoption
  • Federates content from across repositories with a focus on fast time-to-value

Dynamic, Personalized Sales Content

When content is tailored to your prospects, it resonates and engages. SAVO equips sellers to dynamically generate content that targets individual prospects’ needs. The new release extends our robust, guided customizations capabilities with even more power.

  • Generate new sales documents dynamically enriched with data specific to each prospect
  • Pull dynamic data into documents from internal and third-party sources — including your CRM
  • Automate the content generation process, eliminating manual errors and ensuring the most up-to-date data

Easy Discovery.
Rich Experience.

Reimagining and redesigning the way sellers discover and access new content.

  • Clean, modern interface built on customer input from across our 1 million users
  • Easy access to critical and recommended content that sellers need to support sales conversations
  • Support for how users find and use their favorite and suggested content

Seamless Workflow.

The first and only solution to blend the immersive learning and planning environment sellers want with opportunity and account specific activities, unifying sellers’ CRM and content experiences.

  • Access Salesforce Opportunity information and relevant content directly in a Seller Resource Center
  • New interface on Salesforce pages offers users a beautiful, integrated experience
  • Single access point in Salesforce to content, guidance, and rich sales enablement resources

Deeper Insights.

Our new analytics platform builds on years of sales enablement expertise while giving deeper insight, stronger visual displays, more granular data and better flexibility. That gives you the insight you need to focus business initiatives.

  • Identify which seller resources and teams need investment
  • Tailor reports to reflect your sales enablement goals
  • Get started fast with pre-built reports

Accelerating Innovation.

Our robust architecture accelerates the rapid release of new features while supporting the enterprise scalability and reliability our global customers require.

  • Componentized front and back-ends accelerates delivery of new functionality
  • Move to AWS enhances further our enterprise-grade scalability