2017 Market Guide for Digital Content Management for Sales

Research Report

"SAVO is one of the more experienced vendors in this guide with a product in market since 2001.” 

Digital content management for sales (what Gartner defines as a component of the sales enablement market) improves the sales process by making it easy for organizations to store, manage, distribute, and track content usage.  So when vetting these types of solutions, how do you know which technology is right for your business?  In this guide, Gartner breaks down the features and functions of 19 vendors, giving you clarity on how to effectively evaluate sales enablement solutions.

Access Gartner’s Market Guide for Digital Content Management for Sales to learn more about the Sales Enablement landscape and how technology can improve your sales processes.

What you'll get:

  • Gartner's Sales Enablement Capability Model
  • An outlook on the Sales Enablement market
  • An analysis of the key capabilities of Digital Content Management for Sales