Our Story

A passion for sellers and selling

We wanted a better way.

Our founders, John Aiello and Drew Larsen, knew sellers and the sales process well. And, in 1999, they didn’t like what they saw. Too often, sellers’ skills were buried beneath organizational red tape and roadblocks. Sales reps weren’t able to focus on what they were hired to do–sell.

And we found it.

The “better way” is SAVO, the world’s leading Sales Enablement platform.

Technology that connects.

Enhancing the connection at the heart of the sale.

At the core of SAVO is a belief that something powerful and important happens at the point of human contact––the moment of truth that is at the center of the sales cycle. So while many of today’s technologies reduce or eliminate human interaction for the sake of efficiency, SAVO technology focuses on bringing seller and buyer together, enhancing their connection.

The SAVO Vision

We stand for the human connection.

We maximize the human connection at the heart of the sales cycle.

Our home, sweet home.

Today, our company plays a key role in Chicago’s growing and vibrant tech community. Whether we’re racing in the Chase Corporate Challenge, sponsoring the Innovation Awards, supporting Chicago Tech Academy students, or working with the Illinois Technology Association (ITA), we’re proud to be part of the work ethic and advanced thinking that drives Chicago tech forward. Stop by and visit. We’ll show you around our vibrant city – and indulge in a Chicago-style hotdog. (Ahem, hold the ketchup!)